Award for DI Clemens Krautgasser at the Student Speech Contest of the AuCerS

The 3rd Meeting of the Austrian Ceramic Society (AuCerS) was held at the Technical University of Vienna on 10th of February 2015. 23 scientists participated in this meeting.

In the course of this event a poster competition was held. Mr. DI Krautgasser achieved the second place with his presentation "Ceramic Based Printed Circuit Boards - Influence of Temperature and Humidity on the Substrates Strength":

Most of modern electronics are built up on a circuit board. The Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic-technology (LTCC) provides components with improved electrical, thermal and geometrical behaviour (e.g. a low dielectric loss factor) compared to the widely used polymer laminate based printed circuit board (PCB) technology. The mechanical stability of the device, and therefore the functionality, depends on the strength of the board substrate material.

Due to the glass content in LTCC materials their strength is strongly affected by the environment. The strength degradation is related to subcritical crack growth mechanisms acting at the crack tip during mechanical loading. In this work the effect of humidity and temperature on the strength of a commercial Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic was investigated using a biaxial testing procedure. Experiments were performed in argon and in air at different stress rates between 25 °C and 125 °C. The effect of humidity on strength was assessed at room temperature varying only the relative humidity. The sole effect of temperature was evaluated in argon at high stress rates. The combined effect of humidity and temperature was determined in air, testing at different temperatures. Results showed the existence of an inert strength of the material at room temperature. Measurements in ambient air showed a counterbalance effect of temperature and humidity yielding an almost constant strength for this material in the typical application range.

Congratulatons for this award!