Rückblick COMET MPPE Workshop

Hard metal as tool material - characterisation - coating - application

Within the framework of the COMET K2 program „Materials, Processes and Product Engineering” (MPPE), the Materials Center Leoben Forschung GmbH (MCL) organized the first:

COMET MPPE Workshop 
Hard metals as tool material: Characterisation – Coating – Application 
on 23. October 2013 
in Leoben, Austria


Scope of the Workshop:

Hard metals are composite materials that exhibit an extraordinary combination of properties such as hardness, toughness, and resistance to wear and plastic deformation. The mentioned properties exceed those of other material classes and can be tuned in a wide range by variation of the material’s microstructure. In combination with hard coatings, the performance of hard metal tools can be improved even further. In many industrial fields such as metal machining, mining, cold forming or wear application the use of coated hard metal tools is today indispensable for competitive production.

The workshop highlighted - as listed in the figure below - topics along the entire value added chain and included the material science view onto hard metals and their specific properties, the manufacturing of hard metal tools and the resulting effects on the hard metal tool performance, and last but not least the innovative application of hard metal tools.The workshop especially informed on trends in well-known fields of application of hard metals and illustrated their potential to significantly push productivity limits under high cyclic loads.

The workshop was aimed at bringing together experts and applicants from industry and academia to foster mutually beneficial discussion on topics such as:

  • synthesis of hard metals – recently developed hard metal grades. 
  • shaping and coating of hard metal tools. 
  • loading conditions of hard metal tools in industrial application.
  • innovative and also more common applications of hard metals as tool materials.


Workshop attendants:

The workshop was dedicated towards technicians, process engineers, design engineers as well as researchers and developers interested in characterisation, coating and application of hard metal tools.

The 50 registered workshop attendants came from Austria, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom for a 1-day workshop in Leoben, Austria.

The scheduled 11 presentations ranged from basic research to industrial application, from synthesis, coating and shaping to innovative application strategies for hard metal tools.


Further Information:

Some additional information on the workshop organization may still be available at workshop homepage.

If you want further information on the workshop, please contact us:

Materials Center Leoben Forschung GmbH  Roseggerstraße 12, A-8700 Leoben,