The MSP-Project at the European Nanoelectronics Forum 2016 in Rome

Rob van Schaik (IMEC) and Anton Köck (MCL) explaining the MSP-project.

The MSP booth in the ENF Project Village.

The the newly designed wristband device from IMEC for the wearable demonstrator.

The very first 3D-integrated and overmolded MSP-demonstrator devices.

This year the MSP project was exhibited among more than 60 projects from FP7/H2020, ECSEL, and EUREKA Clusters in the Project Village (Exhibition area) of the European Nanoelectronics Forum (EFN), 23rd – 24th November 2016, in Rome. With a history that dates back to 2001, the annual ENF event is important for micro- and nanoelectronics stakeholders, from industry and research institutes to academics and policy makers. Each year, the Forum attracts around 300 participants to learn about the latest innovations and industry trends, as well as to get updates on policy developments, European strategies and collaborative funding programmes. The 2016 edition was co-organised by AENEAS, CATRENE, ECSEL, the European Commission and PENTA with the theme of Innovation along the Value Chain.

The 2016 ENF project village was a perfect opportunity to present the major results achieved within the MSP project. Three posters were presented at the booth (Fig.1 & 2) to provide an overview of the project goals and achievements.

A video demonstration supported the exhibition by presenting the “Lego-like” plug-and-play tool-box enabling flexible 3D-integration of sophisticated sensor devices to customer specific smart systems that can address industrial and consumer electronic applications.

The booth of the MSP consortium showed the full variety of sensor devices being 3D-integrated on a platform chip (2 x 2cm²) to the multi-sensor system (Fig.3):

  • Gas sensors based on ultrathin films, nanowires and nanoparticles for detection of CO, CO2, O3 and VOCs
  • A unique AlGaN/GaN sensor for NO2
  • A worldwide unique CMOS micro-hotplate array for 16 gas sensors on a single chip
  • Humidity sensor based on graphene oxide
  • A sensor for detection of particle and ultrafine dust
  • A sensor for visible light and a calibrated temperature sensor
  • A thermopile-based sensor for infrared light
  • A SiC-sensor for ultraviolet light (UV-A/B)
  • A photovoltaic energy harvester with interdigitated back contact structur
  • A piezoelectric energy harvester based on PVDF-films
  • The CMOS platform chip containing the required circuitry
  • A very first 3D-integrated and overmolded MSP-demonstrator device.

As particular highlight the newly designed wristband device from IMEC being the wearable demonstrator of the MSP project has been presented (Fig.4). In addition a piezoelectric energy harvester demonstrator has been setup at the MSP-booth.