Journal of Tribology Award 2019

Dr. Werner Daves (MCL) hat zusammen mit der University of Sheffield, der Montanuniversität Leoben und der voestalpine Schienen GmbH den Artikel Real-Time Measurement of Dynamic Wheel-Rail Contacts Using Ultrasonic Reflectometry im Journal of Tribology veröffentlicht.

Das Journal of Tribology veröffentlicht jährlich über 100 Artikel und bietet eine Mischung aus experimentellen, numerischen und theoretischen Artikeln, die sich mit allen Aspekten des Fachgebiets befassen.

Der Artikel überzeugte die Fachjury und er wurde mit dem Journal of Tribology Award 2019 ausgezeichnet:

The contact condition between the wheel and the rail is paramount to the lifespan, safety, and smooth operation of any rail network. The wheel/rail contact condition has been estimated, calculated, and simulated successfully for years, but accurate dynamic measurement has still not been achieved. Methods using pressure-sensitive films and controlled air flow have been employed, but both are limited. The work described in this paper has enabled, for the first time, the measurement of a dynamic wheel/rail contact patch using an array of 64 ultrasonic elements mounted in the rail. Previous work has successfully proved the effectiveness of ultrasonic reflectometry for static wheel/rail contact determination. The dynamic real-time measurement is based on previous work, but now each element of an array is individually pulsed in sequence to build up a linear measurement of the interface. These cross-sectional, line measurements are then processed and collated resulting in a twodimensional contact patch. This approach is able to provide not only a contact patch, but more importantly, a detailed and relatively high-resolution pressure distribution plot of the contact. Predictions using finite element methods (FEM) have also been carried out for validation. Work is now underway to increase the speed of the measurement.

Den vollständigen Artikel können Sie unter folgenden Link nachlesen (J. Tribol. Jun 2019, 141(6): 061401 (9 pages),

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