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  • Multi-method characterization approach to facilitate a strategy to design mechanical and electrical properties of sintered copper (Artikel)
    A. Wijaya, B. Eichinger, F.F. Chamasemani, B. Sartory, R. Hammer, V. Maier-Kiener, D. Kiener, M. Mischitz, R. Brunner
    Materials & Design (2021)
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  • On segregation in multicomponent alloys: Surface segregation in austenite and FeCrCoNiMn alloys (Artikel)
    Ruban A.V.
    Computational Materials Science (2021)
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  • Effect of hydrogen on deformation behavior of Alloy 725 revealed by in-situ bi-crystalline micropillar compression test (Artikel)
    Lu X., Wang D.
    Journal of Materials Science and Technology (2021)
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  • Open-cell tungsten nanofoams: Scaling behavior and structural disorder dependence of Young's modulus and flow strength (Artikel)
    Zhao M., Schlueter K., Wurmshuber M., Reitgruber M., Kiener D.
    Materials and Design (2021)
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  • On the local evaluation of the hydrogen susceptibility of cold-formed and heat treated advanced high strength steel (AHSS) sheets (Artikel)
    Drexler A., Bergmann C., Manke G., Kokotin V., Mraczek K., Pohl M., Ecker W.
    Materials Science and Engineering A (2021)
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  • A novel approach to assess the mechanical reliability of thin, ceramic-based multilayer architectures (Artikel)
    M. Gruber, I. Kraleva, P. Supancic, R. Danzer, R. Bermejo
    Journal of the European Ceramic Society (2020)
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  • Are Onsager's reciprocal relations necessary to apply Thermodynamic Extremal Principles? (Artikel)
    Klaus Hackl, Franz Dieter Fischer, Gerald Andreas Zickler, Jiří Svoboda
    Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids (2020)
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  • Atomistic description of self-diffusion in molybdenum: A comparative theoretical study of non-Arrhenius behavior (Artikel)
    Daria Smirnova, Sergei Starikov, Grisell Díaz Leines, Yanyan Liang, Ning Wang, Maxim N. Popov, Igor A. Abrikosov, Davide G. Sangiovanni, Ralf Drautz, and Matous Mrovec
    Phys Rev Materials (2020)
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  • Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Deformation and Fracture Mode of Microcantilever Beams Made of Cr(Re)/Al2O3 Metal–Matrix Composite (Artikel)
    Węglewski, W., Pitchai, P., Bochenek, K., G. Bolzon, R. Konetschnik, B. Sartory, R. Ebner, D. Kiener und M. Basista
    Metall and Mat Trans A (2020)
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  • Failure of high power varistor ceramic components (Artikel)
    R. Danzer, B. Kaufmann, P. Supancic
    Journal of the European Ceramic Society (2020)
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  • Addressing H-Material Interaction in Fast Diffusion Materials—A Feasibility Study on a Complex Phase Steel (Artikel)
    A. Massone, A. Manhard, A. Drexler, C. Posch, W. Ecker, V. Maier-Kiener, D. Kiener
    Materials (2020)
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  • Interaction of particulate TiC in a steel-based MMC: A thermodynamic approach on phase compositions (Artikel)
    J. Pörnbacher, H. Leitner, S. Marsoner, G. Ressel
    Euro PM 2018 (2020)
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  • Investigation of Schottky barriers at Pd-ZnO junctions in varistors (Artikel)
    Benjamin Kaufmann, Nadine Raidl, Peter Supancic
    Journal of the European Ceramic Society (2020)
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  • Microstructural based hydrogen diffusion and trapping models applied to Fe–C-X alloys (Artikel)
    Andreas Drexler, Tom Depover, Silvia Leitner, Kim Verbeken, Werner Ecker
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds (2020)
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  • Model-Based Residual Stress Design in Multiphase Seamless Steel Tubes (Artikel)
    S. Leitner, G. Winter, J. Klarner, T Antretter and W. Ecker
    Materials (2020)
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  • Multi-phase ELAStic Aggregates (MELASA) software tool for modeling anisotropic elastic properties of lamellar composites (Artikel)
    M. Friák, D. Lago, N. Koutná, D. Holec, T. Rebok, M. Šob,
    Computer Physics Communications (2020)
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  • Nanoscale evolution of stress concentrations and crack morphology in multilayered CrN coating during indentation: Experiment and simulation (Artikel)
    W. Ecker, J. Keckes, M. Krobath, J. Zalesak., R. Daniel, M. Rosenthal, J. Todt
    Materials & Design (2020)
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  • On solute depletion zones along grain boundaries during segregation (Artikel)
    Daniel Scheiber, Tobias Jechtl, Jiri Svoboda, Franz D. Fischer, Lorenz Romaner
    Acta Materialia (2020)
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  • Probing defect relaxation in ultra-fine grained Ta using micromechanical spectroscopy (Artikel)
    M. Alfreider, D. Kiener, et al
    Acta Materialia (2020)
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  • Range-relaxed criteria for choosing the Lagrange multipliers in nonstationary iterated Tikhonov method (Artikel)
    R Boiger, A Leitão, B F Svaiter
    IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis (2020)
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