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  • Residual stress and microstructure depth gradients in nitrided iron-based alloys revealed by dynamical cross-sectional transmission X-ray microdiffraction (Artikel)
    Kurz, S.J.B. and Meka, S.R. and Schell, N. and Ecker, W. and Keckes, J. and Mittermeijer, E.J.
    Acta Materialia (2015)
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  • X-ray nanodiffraction reveals stress distribution across an indented multilayered CrN-Cr thin film (Artikel)
    Stefenelli, M. and Daniel, R. and Ecker, W. and Kiener, D. and Todt, J. and Zeilinger, A. and Mitterer, C. and Burghammer, M. and Keckes, J.
    Acta Materialia (2015)
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  • Influence of temperature and humidity on the strength of low temperature co-fired ceramics (Artikel)
    Krautgasser, C. and Danzer, R. and Supancic, P. and Bermejo, R.
    Journal of the European Ceramic Society (2015)
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  • Effect of Ni and Mn on the formation of Cu precipitates in alpha-Fe (Artikel)
    Gorbatov, O.I and Gornastyrev, Y.N. and Korzhavyi, P.A. and Ruban, A.V.
    Scripta Materialia (2015)
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  • Nanoindentation of chemical-vapor deposited Al2O3 hard coatings at elevated temperatures (Artikel)
    Rebelo de Figueiredo, M. and Abad, M.D. and Harris, A.J. and Czettl, C. and Mitterer, C. and Hosemann, P.
    Thin Solid Films (2015)
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  • Residual stress gradients in alpha-Al2O3 hard coatings determined by pencil-beam X-ray nanodiffraction: The influence of blasting media (Artikel)
    Tkadletz, M. and Keckes, J. and Schalk, N. and Krajinovic, I. and and Burghammer, M. and Czettl, C. and Mitterer, C.
    Surface and Coatings Technology (2015)
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  • Resolving depth evolution of microstructure and hardness in sputtered CrN film (Artikel)
    Zeilinger, A. and Daniel, R. and Schöberl, T. and Stefenelli, M. and Sartory, B. and Keckes, J. and Mitterer, C.
    Thin Solid Films (2015)
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  • FEM simulation of the size- and constraining effect in lead-free solder joints with the theory of strain gradient elasticity (Artikel)
    Lederer, M. and Magnien, J. and Khatibi, G. and Weiss, B.
    Journal of Physics: Conference Series (2015)
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  • Size effects in residual stress formation during quenching of cylinders made of hot-work tool steel (Artikel)
    Schemmel, M. and Prevedel, P. and Schöngrundner, R. and Ecker, W. and Antretter, T.
    Advances in Materials Science and Engineering (2015)
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  • Formation and interaction of point defects in group IVb transition metal carbides and nitrides (Artikel)
    Razumovskiy, V. and Popov, M. and Ding, H. and Odqvist, J.
    Computational Materials Science (2015)
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  • Single CuO nanowires decorated with sizeselected Pd nanoparticles for CO sensing in humid atmosphere (Artikel)
    Steinhauer, S. and Singh, V. and Cassidy, C. and Gspan, C. and Grogger, W. and Sowwan, M. and Köck, A.
    Nanotechnology (2015)
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  • Evolution of residual stress in Ti–Al–Ta–N coatings on hard metal milling inserts (Artikel)
    Teppernegg, T. and Angerer, P. and Klünsner, T. and Tritremmel, C. and Czettl, C.
    International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials (2015)
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  • The quality of prepared specimens of Si-wafers for raman spectroscopy (Artikel)
    Kolb, F. and Deluca, M. and Maier, G.
    Practical Metallography (Praktische Metallographie) (2015)
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  • Mechanical property enhancement in laminates through control of morphology and crystal orientation (Artikel)
    Zeilinger, A. and Daniel, R. and Stefenelli, M. and Sartory, B. and Chitu, L. and Burghammer, M. and Schöberl, T. and Kolednik, O. and Keckes, J. and Mitterer, C.
    Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (2015)
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  • Robust micromagnet design for fast electrical manipulations of single spins in quantum dots (Artikel)
    Yoneda, J. and Otsuka, T. and Takakura, T. and Pioro-Ladriere, M. and Brunner, R. and Lu, H. and Nakajima, T. and Obata, T. and Noiri, A. and Palmstrom, C. and Gossard, A.C. and Tarucha, S.
    Applied Physics Express (2015)
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  • Error analysis for finite element simulation of orthogonal cutting and its validation via quick stop experiments (Artikel)
    Eck, S. and Gänser, H.P. and Marsoner, S. and Ecker, W.
    Machining Science and Technology: An International Journal (2015)
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  • Investigation into microstructural changes due to the rolling contact fatigue of the AISI M50 bearing steel (Artikel)
    Pritz, L. and Marsoner, S. and Ebner, R. And Fluch, R. and Tatschl, A. and Münzer, R.
    WIT Transactions on Engineering Sciences (2015)
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  • Agile multiscale modelling of the thermo-mechanical processing of an aluminium alloy (Artikel)
    Maciol, P. and Bureau, R. and Poletti, C. and Sommitsch, C. and Warczok, P. and Kozeschnik, E.
    Key Engineering Materials (2015)
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  • Modified shallow water equations with application for horizontal centrifugal casting of rolls (Artikel)
    Kharicha, A. and Bohacek, J. and Ludwig, A. and Wu, M.
    Journal of Fluids Engineering: ASME DC (2015)
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  • Modelling the role of compositional fluctuations in nucleation kinetics (Artikel)
    Zenisek, J. and Kozeschnik, E. and Svoboda, J. and Fischer, F.D.
    Acta Materialia (2015)
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