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  • Morphology characterization and friction coefficient determination of sputtered V2O5 films (Artikel)
    Klünsner, T. and Shen, Q. and Hlawacek, G. and Teichert, C. and Fateh, N. and Fontalvo, G.A. and Mitterer, C.
    Thin Solid Films (2010)
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  • Cracks in inhomogeneous materials: Comprehensive assessment using the configurational forces concept (Artikel)
    Kolednik, O. and Predan, J. and Fischer, F.D.
    Engineering Fracture Mechanics (2010)
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  • Mean-field model for the growth and coarsening of stoichiometric precipitates at grain boundaries (Artikel)
    Kozeschnik, E. and Svoboda, J. and Radis, R. and Fischer, F.D.
    Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering (2010)
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  • Lifetime evaluation of hot forged aerospace components by linking microstructural evolution and fatigue behaviour (Artikel)
    Maderbacher, H. and Christiner, T. and Gänser, H.P. and Riedler, M. and Stoschka, M. and Eichlseder, W.
    Procedia Engineering (2010)
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  • Prediction of crack propagation in layered ceramics with strong interfaces (Artikel)
    Nahlik, L. and Sestakova, L. and Hutar, P. and Bermejo, R.
    Engineering Fracture Mechanics (2010)
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  • Mechanical characterisation of miniaturised direct inkjet printed 3Y-TZP specimens for microelectronic applications (Artikel)
    Özkol, E. and Wätjen, A.M. and Bermejo, R. and Deluca, M. and Ebert, J. and Danzer, R. and Telle, R.
    Journal of the European Ceramic Society (2010)
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  • Low friction CrN/TiN multilayer coatings prepared by a hybrid high power impulse magnetron sputtering/DC magnetron sputtering deposition technique (Artikel)
    Paulitsch, J. and Schenkel, M. and Schintlmeister, A. and Hutter, H. and Mayrhofer, P.H.
    Thin Solid Films (2010)
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  • Structure and properties of high power impulse magnetron sputtering and DC magnetron sputtering CrN and TiN films deposited in an industrial scale unit (Artikel)
    Paulitsch, J. and Schenkel, M. and Zufraß, T. and Mayrhofer, P.H. and Münz, W.D.
    Thin Solid Films (2010)
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  • Study of relaxation and crystallization kinetics of NiTi made amorphous by repeated cold rolling (Artikel)
    Peterlechner, M. and Bokeloh, J. and Wilde, G. and Waitz, T.
    Acta Materialia (2010)
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  • Mineralization density distribution of postmenopausal osteoporotic bone is restored to normal after long-term alendronate treatment: qBEI and sSAXS data from the fracture intervention trial long-term extension (FLEX) (Artikel)
    Roschger, P. and Lombardi, A. and Misof, B.M. and Maier, G. and Fratzl-Zelman, N. and Fratzl, P. and Klaushofer, K.
    Journal of Bone and Mineral Research (2010)
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  • Local and global measures of the fracture toughness of metal matrix composites (Artikel)
    I. Sabirov and O. Kolednik
    Materials Science and Engineering: A (2010)
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  • Electrical characterization of ZnO multilayer varistors on the nanometre scale with conductive atomic force microscopy (Artikel)
    Schloffer, M. and Teichert, C. and Supancic, P. and Andreev, A. and Hou, Y. and Wang, Z.
    Journal of the European Ceramic Society (2010)
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  • The configurational force concept in elastic-plastic fracture mechanics - Instructive examples (Artikel)
    Schöngrundner, R. and Kolednik, O. and Fischer, F.D.
    Key Engineering Materials (2010)
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  • Kinetics of nanoparticle reassembly mediated by UV-photolysis of surfactant (Artikel)
    Siffalovic, P. and Chitu, L. and Majkova, E. and Vegso, K. and Jergel, M. and Luby, S. and Capek, I. and Satka, A. and Maier, G.A. and Keckes, J. and Timmann, A. and Roth, S.V.
    Langmuir (2010)
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  • Towards strain gauges based on a self-assembled nanoparticle monolayer - SAXS study (Artikel)
    Siffalovic, P. and Chitu, L. and Vegso, K. and Majkova, E. and Jergel, M. and Weis, W. and Luby, S. and Capek, I. and Keckes, J. and Maier, G.A. and Satka, A. and Perlich, J. and Roth, S.V.
    Nanotechnology (2010)
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  • Interface study of a high-performance W/B4C X-ray mirror (Artikel)
    Siffalovic, P. and Jergel, M. and Chitu, L. and Majkova, E. and Matko, J. and Luby, S. and Timmann, A. and Roth, S.V. and Keckes, J. and Maier, G. and Hembd, A. and Hertlein, F. and Wiesmann, J.
    Journal of Applied Crystallography (2010)
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  • Characterization of Mo/Si soft X-ray multilayer mirrors by grazing-incidence small-angle X-ray scattering (Artikel)
    P. Siffalovic and E. Majkova and L. Chitu and M. Jergel and S. Luby and J. Keckes and G. Maier and A. Timmann and S.V. Roth and T. Tsuru and T. Harada and M. Yamamoto and U. Heinzmann
    Vacuum (2010)
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  • Calculation of energies of coherent interfaces and application to the nucleation, growth and coarsening of precipitates (Artikel)
    Sonderegger, B. and Holzer, I. and Kozeschnik, E.
    Materials Science Forum (2010)
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  • Kinetics of precipitation in a complex hot-work tool steel (Artikel)
    Sonderegger, B. and Kozeschnik, E. and Leitner, H. and Clemens, H. and Svoboda, J. and Fischer, F.D. and Staron, P.
    Steel Research International (2010)
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  • Application of fatigue approaches on fillet welds of high strength steel (Artikel)
    Stoschka, M. and Leitner, M. and Fössl, T. and Leitner, H. and Eichlseder, W.
    Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik (2010)
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