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  • Influence of annealing on microstructure and mechanical properties of ultrafine-grained Ti45Nb (Artikel)
    B. Völker, V. Maier-Kiener, K. Werbach, T. Müller, S. Pilz, M. Calin, J. Eckert, A. Hohenwarter
    Materials & Design (2019)
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  • Rate Limiting Deformation Mechanisms of bcc Metals in Confined Volumes (Artikel)
    D. Kiener, R. Fritz, M. Alfreider, A. Leitner, R. Pippan, V. Maier-Kiener
    Acta Materialia (2019)
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  • Anneal hardening and elevated temperature strain rate sensitivity of nanostructured metals: Their relation to intergranular dislocation accommodation (Artikel)
    O. Renk, V. Maier-Kiener, I. Issa, J.H. Li, D. Kiener, R. Pippan
    Acta Materialia (2019)
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  • Mechanical properties of the magnetocaloric intermetallic LaFe11.2Si1.8 alloy at different length scales (Artikel)
    O. Glushko, A. Funk, V. Maier-Kiener, P. Kraker, M. Krautz, J. Eckert, A. Waske
    Acta Materialia (2019)
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  • 20 Hz synchrotron X-ray diffraction analysis in laser-pulsed WC-Co hard metal reveals oscillatory stresses and reversible composite plastification (Artikel)
    David P. Gruber, D. Kiefer, R. Rössler, F. Beckmann, M. Tkadletz, T. Klünsner, C. Czettl, J. Keckes, J. Gibmeier
    International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials (2019)
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  • 3D Characterization of Porous Copper Thin Films (Artikel)
    Wijaya, A., Eichinger, B., Mischitz, M., & Brunner, R.
    Microscopy and Microanalysis (2019)
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  • 3D Microstructure Characterization of a Silicon Based Anode Material on Different Length Scales suitable for Storage Applications (Artikel)
    Vorauer, T., Kumar, P., Chamasemani, F., Rosc, J., Fuchsbichler, B., Koller, S., . . . Brunner, R.
    Microscopy and Microanalysis (2019)
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  • A method to characterize asymmetrical three-stage creep of ordinary refractory ceramics and its application for numerical modelling (Artikel)
    Stefan Schachner, Shengli Jin, Dietmar Gruber, Harald Harmuth
    Journal of the European Ceramic society (2019)
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  • Ab Initio Study of Elastic and Mechanical Properties in FeCrMn Alloys (Artikel)
    Vsevolod I. Razumovskiy, Carola Hahn, Marina Lukas and Lorenz Romaner
    Materials (2019)
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  • Advanced maintenance strategies for improved squat mitigation (Artikel)
    Richard Stock, Wilhelm Kubin, Werner Daves, Klaus Six
    Wear (2019)
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  • Analysis of rail milling as a rail maintenance process: Simulations and experiments (Artikel)
    Wilhelm Kubin, Werner Daves, Richard Stock
    Wear (2019)
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  • Analytical and Numerical Crack Growth Analysis of 1:3 Scaled Railway Axle Specimens (Artikel)
    David Simunek, Martin Leitner, Jürgen Maierhofer, Hans-Peter Gänser, Reinhard Pippan
    Metals (2019)
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  • Combined thermo-physical investigations of thin layers with Time Domain Thermoreflectance and Scanning Thermal Microscopy on the example of 500 nm thin, CVD grown tungsten (Artikel)
    Katrin Fladischer, Verena Leitgeb, Lisa Mitterhuber, Günther A. Maier, Jozef Keckes, Martin Sagmeister, Sara Carniello, Stefan Defregger,
    Thermochimica Acta (2019)
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  • Comparing Bulk and Layer Confined RNiO3 to Disentangle Lattice and Electronic Effects in the Metal-Insulator Transition (Artikel)
    Georgescu, Alexandru Bogdan; Peil, Oleg; Disa, Ankit; Georges, Antoine; Millis, Andrew
    APS March Meeting 2019, abstract id.E46.010 (2019)
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  • Competing Electronic and Structural Effects In The Metal-Insulator Transition of Bulk and Layer-Confined RNiO3 (Artikel)
    A.B. Georgescu, O.E. Peil, A. Disa, A. Georges, A.J. Millis
    PNAS (2019)
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  • Constraints in thermodynamic extremal principlesfor non-local dissipative processes (Artikel)
    K. Hackl, F.D. Fischer, J. Svoboda
    Continuum Mech. Thermodyn. (2019)
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  • Coupled Damage Indicator based on Fracture Locus: Theoretical Framework and Experiments (Artikel)
    Baltic S., Magnien J., Gänser H.P., Antretter T., Hammer R.
    International Journal of Plasticity (2019)
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  • Damage tolerance of lamellar bone (Artikel)
    H. Razi, J. Predan, F. D. Fischer, O. Kolednik, P. Fratzl
    Journal of Bone (2019)
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  • Density functional theory calculations of iron-vanadium carbide interfaces and the effect of hydrogen (Artikel)
    S.E. Restrepo, D.Di Stefano, M. Mrovec, A.T. Paxton
    International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2019)
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  • Detection of Derivative Discontinuities in Observational Data (Artikel)
    Dimitar Ninevski, Paul O'Leary
    arXiv (2019)
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