The Materials Center Leoben

"Materials and processing technologies for the benefit of our customers"


The Materials Center Leoben (MCL) is an internationally active research institution specialized in materials, production and processing engineering and innovative material applications. We are focussed on metallic materials, ceramic materials and their composites. The MCL carries out cooperative research and development projects with industrial partners and offers a comprehensive range of services.


The MCL is part of a network of innovative scientific and industrial partners with expertise across the entire supply chain of the materials and production sector. Additionally, the MCL acts as the operating company and research partner of the COMET-K2-Competence Centre IC-MPPE – Integrated Computational Materials, Process and Product Engineering, which provides a sound basis for solving complex research and development tasks.


Our professional team of about 170 highly trained experts is working on fundamental and innovative developments in the materials sector by carrying out research and development projects in cooperation with our industrial and scientific Partners.