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  • Complementary Thermal Analysis Protocols for the Investigation of the Tempering Reactions of a Carbide-Free Bainitic Steel (Artikel)
    T. Klein, M. Lukas, P. Haselberger, B. Friessnegger, M. Galler, G. Ressel
    JOM (2019)
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  • Gradients of microstructure, stresses and mechanical properties in a multi-layered diamond thin film revealed by correlative cross-sectional nano-analytics (Artikel)
    D. Gruber, J. Todt, N. Wöhrl, J. Zalesak, M. Tkadletz, A. Kubec, S. Niese, M. Burghammer, M. Rosenthal, H. Sternschulte, M. J. Pfeinfenberger, B. Sartory, J. Keckes
    Carbon (2019)
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  • Cyclic heat-up and damage-relevant substrate plastification of single- and bilayer coated milling inserts evaluated numerically (Artikel)
    Nemetz A., Daves W., Klünsner T., Ecker W., Schäfer J., Czettl C., Antretter T.
    Surface and Coatings Technology (2019)
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  • Fatigue behaviour of WC-Co hard metal under stress ratio and effectively loaded volume relevant to metalworking tool failure (Artikel)
    T. Klünsner, M. Jonke, P. Supancic, C. Gettinger, M. Krobath, T. Lube, S. Marsoner, J. Glätzle
    International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials (2019)
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  • Thermo-chemical Fluid Flow Simulation in Hot-Dip Galvanizing: The Evaluation of Dross Build-Up Formation (Artikel)
    Reiss, G., Ishmurzin, A., Mugrauer, C., Eßl, W., Ecker, W., Strutzenberger, J., Unger, H., Angeli, G.
    Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B (2019)
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  • Residual stress and microstructure evolution in steel tubes for different cooling conditions – Simulation and verification (Artikel)
    S. Brunbauer, G. Winter, T. Antretter, P. Staron, W. Ecker
    Materials Science and Engineering A (2019)
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  • Local order in Cr-Fe-Co-Ni: Experiment and electronic structure calculations (Artikel)
    B. Schönfeld, C. R. Sax, J. Zemp, M. Engelke, P. Boesecke, T. Kresse, T. Boll, T. Al-Kassab, O. E. Peil, and A. V. Ruban
    Physical Review B (2019)
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  • Retardation of Fatigue Crack Growth in Rotating Bending Specimens with Semi-Elliptical Cracks (Artikel)
    Martin Leitner , David Simunek , Jürgen Maierhofer, Hans-Peter Gänser and Reinhard Pippan
    Metals (2019)
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  • Analytical and Numerical Crack Growth Analysis of 1:3 Scaled Railway Axle Specimens (Artikel)
    David Simunek , Martin Leitner , Jürgen Maierhofer, Hans-Peter Gänser and Reinhard Pippan
    Metals (2019)
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  • In-situ high-temperature X-ray diffraction investigations of magnetron sputtered niobium oxide layers up to 900 °C (Artikel)
    P. Angerer, V. van Karsbergen, N. Weinberger, G. Strauss, E. Neubauer, B. Friessnegger, S. Marsoner
    Thin Solid Films (2019)
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  • Structure Function Analysis of Temperature-Dependent Thermal Properties of Nm-Thin Nb2O5 (Artikel)
    L. Mitterhuber, E. Kraker and S. Defregger
    Energies (2019)
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  • Biomimetic hard and tough nanoceramic Ti–Al–N film with self-assembled six-level hierarchy (Artikel)
    Michael Meindlhumer, Jakub Zalesak, Reinhard Pitonak, Juraj Todt, Bernhard Sartory, Manfred Burghammer, Andreas Stark, Norbert Schell, Rostislav Daniel, Julius F. Keckes, Mario Lessiak, Arno Köpf, Ronald Weißenbacher, Jozef Keckes
    Nanoscale (2019)
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  • Ab Initio Study of Elastic and Mechanical Properties in FeCrMn Alloys (Artikel)
    Vsevolod I. Razumovskiy, Carola Hahn, Marina Lukas and Lorenz Romaner
    Materials (2019)
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  • Influence of localized cyclic substrate plastification on residual stress, load stress and cracking near the interface between hard coating and WC-Co hard metal substrate (Artikel)
    T. Klünsner, M. Krobath, W. Ecker, S. Marsoner, M. Morstein, B. Marklein
    Int J Refract Met Hard Mater (2019)
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  • To the design of highly fracture-resistant composites by the application of the yield stress inhomogeneity effect (Artikel)
    Sistaninia, M. and Kasberger, R. and Kolednik, O.
    Composite Structures (2018)
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  • The effect of residual stresses and strain reversal on the fracture toughness of TiAl alloys (Artikel)
    Appel, F. and Paul, D.H.J. and Staron, P. and Oehring, M. and Kolednik, O. and Predan, J. and Fischer F.D.
    Materials Science & Engineering A (2018)
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  • LES-VOF Simulation and POD Analysis of the Gas-Jet Wiping Process in Continuous Galvanizing Lines (Artikel)
    Eßl, W. and Pfeiler, C. and Reiss, G. and Ecker, W. and Riener, C.K. and Angeli, G.
    Steel Research International (2018)
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  • Thermal transient measurement and modelling of a power cycled flip-chip LED module (Artikel)
    Mitterhuber, L. and Defregger, S. and Magnien, J. and Rosc, J. and Hammer, R. and Goullon, L. and Hutter, M. and Schrank, F. and Hörth, S. and Kraker, E.
    Microelectronics Reliability (2018)
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  • Point defects at the Sigma 5(012)[100] grain boundary in TiN and the early stages of Cu diffusion: An ab initio study (Artikel)
    Popov, M. and Bochkarev, A. and Razumovskiy, V.I. and Puschnig, P. and Spitaler, J.
    Acta Materialia (2018)
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  • Solute segregation in Cu: DFT vs. Experiment (Artikel)
    Razumovskiy, V.I. and Divinski, S.V. and Romaner, L.
    Acta Materialia (2018)
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