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  • Influence of the material inhomogeneity effect on the crack growth behavior in fiber and particle reinforced composites (Artikel)
    Otmar Kolednik, Jozef Predan
    Engineering Fracture Mechanics (2022)
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  • Method for determination of mass transfer coefficients for dissolution of dense ceramics in liquid slags (Artikel)
    Jerónimo Guarco, Harald Harmuth, Sandra Vollmann
    International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer (2022)
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  • Microstructural and micro-mechanical investigation of cathodic arc evaporated ZrN/TiN multilayer coatings with varying bilayer thickness (Artikel)
    Florian Frank, Christina Kainz, Michael Tkadletz, Christoph Czettl, Markus Pohler, Nina Schalk
    Surface and Coatings Technology (2022)
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  • Ab initio surface free energies of tungsten with full account of thermal excitations (Artikel)
    Forslund, Axel and Ruban, Andrei
    Phys. Rev. B (2022)
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  • Thermally modulated CMOS compatible particle sensor for air quality monitoring (Artikel)
    Jan Peter Specht, Siavash Esfahan, Yuxin Xing, Anton Köck, Marina Cole, Julian William Gardner
    IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement (2022)
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  • Coherency strengthening of oblate precipitates extended in the {100} plane of fcc crystals (Artikel)
    M. R. Ahmadi, B. Sonderegger, E. Povoden-Karadeniz, A. Falahati, S. D. Yadav, C. Sommitsch, E. Kozeschnik
    Materialia (2022)
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  • Defect initiation and accumulation kinetics in hard-coated WC-Co hardmetal under multi-axial loads at elevated temperature in a novel ball-in-cone test setup (Artikel)
    Lukas Walch, Thomas Klünsner, Martin Krobath, Kathrin Maier, Werner Ecker, Philip Pichler, Christoph Czettl, Reinhold Ebner
    International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials (2022)
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  • Combined experimental and numerical analysis of critical loading conditions for hard metal tool damage in titanium milling (Artikel)
    T. Kaltenbrunner, K. Maier, T. Klünsner, H.P. Krückl, M. Krobath, M. Pötz, J. Wosik, O. Binder, T. Teppernegg, C. Czettl, W. Ecker
    Journal of Manufacturing Processes (2022)
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  • Cross-Sectional Hardness, Residual Stress and Retained Austenite Distributions in Heat-Treated Crankshaft Bearings (Artikel)
    Daniel G. Mevec, Vince Jászfi, Petri Prevedel, Juraj Todt, EmadMaawad, Jozef Keckes, Peter Raninger
    pre-print Elsevier (2022)
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  • The influence of chemistry on the interface toughness in a WTi-Cu system (Artikel)
    Markus Alfreider, Rishi Bodlos, Lorenz Romaner, Daniel Kiener
    Acta Materialia (2022)
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  • Role of grain boundaries in hydrogen embrittlement of alloy 725: single and bi-crystal microcantilever bending study, (Artikel)
    Iman Taji, Tarlan Hajilou, Shabnam Karimi, Florian Schott, Ernst Plesiutschnig, Afrooz Barnoush, Roy Johnsen
    International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2022)
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  • A novel approach for determining the stress intensity factor for cracks in multilayered cantilevers (Artikel)
    Masoud Sistaninia, Otmar Kolednik
    Engineering Fracture Mechanics (2022)
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  • Measuring thermal properties of thin layers with rough surfaces by using the bidirectional heat flow approach (Artikel)
    Katrin Fladischer, Verena Leitgeb, Simon Fernbach und Lisa Mitterhuber
    tm - Technisches Messen (2022)
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  • Application of an improved testing device for the study of alumina dissolution in silicate slag (Artikel)
    Burhanuddin, Jerónimo Guarco, Harald Harmuth, Sandra Vollmann
    Journal of the European Ceramic Society (2022)
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  • Energies and structures of Cu/Nb and Cu/W interfaces from density functional theory and semi-empirical calculations (Artikel)
    R. Bodlos, V. Fotopoulos, J. Spitaler, A.L. Shluger, L. Romaner
    Materialia (2022)
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  • Tailoring the alloy composition for Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing utilizing metal-cored wires in the Cold Metal Transfer process (Artikel)
    Florian Pixner, Ricardo Buzolin, Anto Zelić, Florian Riedlsperger, Marta Orłowska, Fernando Warchomicka, Mathieu Decherf, Michael Lasnik, Norbert Enzinger
    Materials & Design (2022)
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  • Hydrodynamically driven facet kinetics in crystal growth (Artikel)
    Mihaela Stefan-Kharicha, Abdellah Kharicha, Kader Zaidat, Georg Reiss, Werner Eßl, Frank Goodwin, Menghuai Wu, Andreas Ludwig, Claudia Mugrauer
    Journal of Crystal Growth (2022)
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  • Use of Surface Acoustic Waves for Crack Detection on Railway Track Components—Laboratory Tests (Artikel)
    Gruber, Claudia, René Hammer, Hans-Peter Gänser, David Künstner, Sven Eck
    applied sciences (2022)
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  • Crack path investigations in a pearlitic rail steel after pre-deformation under cyclic Mode-II loading (Artikel)
    Georg Schnalzger, Werner Daves, Reinhard Pippan, Jürgen Maierhofer, Anton Hohenwarter,
    Engineering Failure Analysis (2022)
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  • Evaluation of CLSM measurements for dissolution studies – A case study investigating alumina dissolution in a silicate slag (Artikel)
    Harald Harmuth, Burhanuddin
    Ceramics International (2022)
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