Simulation of material processing

MCL carries out various research projects with a focus on process chain simulation and offers the simulation of heat treatment and forming processes as a service.

The focus lies on:

  • Simulation of heat treatment and forming processes
  • Tool load analysis and increasing of tool lifetime


    The processes used in manufacturing a component often have a major impact on the in-service behaviour of the component. The process chain simulation aims to obtain information about changes in geometry, chemical composition, distribution of hardness, microstructure and internal stress as well as any pre-damage.

    We support you through FE analysis of tools and together with you develop an optimisation strategy based on changes in geometry, material selection and the parameters of the manufacturing process.


    Our Range of Services

    • Heat treatment
      • Microstructure and hardness distribution
      • Internal stresses
      • Distortion
    • Diffusion calculation
      • thermomechanical treatments (nitriding, carburisation, etc.)
      • Calculation of concentration distributions
    • Forming
      • Feasibility analyses
      • Pre-damage caused by forming processes
      • Compaction of PM components
    • Tool load and increased lifetime
      • Forming tools
      • Casting molds and die holders
      • Drills