Services at MCL

The MCL's core service offerings include the characterisation of materials and components in terms of their structure and microstructure, the determination of mechanical and physical properties of materials, the development of material models as well as the performance of finite element simulations. Damage analysis and advice on the choice of materials complete the services on offer. 

The MCL's key advantages lie in the combination of experimental laboratory analysis with calculations and simulations, state-of-the-art technical facilities and wide-ranging specialist knowledge of the most diverse range of materials. The MCL has the expertise and experience required to provide scientifically sound results as well as targeted support in practical material and product development.

Competence and Experience in Support of Research and Development

The technical facilities, together with its theoretical and practical expertise, make Leoben's research center a flexible professional partner for research and development in the fields of materials engineering, process technology, quality assurance and component design.

The MCL offers a variety of state-of-the-art laboratory analyses and complex services such as damage analyses or materials advice as well as materials, components and process simulations.