Integrated computational materials, processes and products

The Materials Center Leoben (MCL) is the coordinator of one of five currently running Austrian COMET K2 competence Centers. The research program IC-MPPE focuses on integrated computational development of materials, processing processes and products. Activities include the use of sophisticated computer models and algorithms to digitize and virtualize design, processes, and product applications.


Aims of the Programme
The COMET Center IC-MPPE aims to rigorously integrate theoretical foundations, the latest validated calculation methods and key technologies to support material-based innovation. Furthermore, the COMET Center IC-MPPE focuses on simultaneous material, process and product development, cost efficiency, quality, material and energy savings as well as the digitization of production chains.


The COMET research programme at a glance
The starting shot was fired for the competence centre as early as 1999. The first projects were planned and implemented as part of the Kplus research programme. After the end of the funding period, an application was submitted and approved in the COMET area.

Phase I of the COMET research programme covered the period from 2008 to 2012, with a project volume of approximately € 50 million. Following an evaluation phase in 2012, MCL was equipped for Phase II with a further project volume of almost € 60 million by the end of 2017.

For COMET Phase II (2013 to 2017), the scientific objectives within the areas were updated or redefined. In order to be able to penetrate the entire value chain from the production of materials and components to their behaviour in use, both scientifically and technologically, multidisciplinary research projects were carried out in the following seven research areas:
Area 1: Virtual Integration of Material, Process and Product Engineering
- Area 2: Multi-scale material design
- Area 3: Advanced manufacturing processes
- Area 4: Damage - Mechanisms, Development and Modelling
- Area 5: Tool technology
- Area 6: Intelligent concepts for structural components
- Area 7: Design and reliability of functional components


Phase III of the research programme has a duration of four years (2018 to 2021). During this period, projects with a volume of € 43.6 million will be carried out. The structure of the individual areas has also been adapted and redefined:
- Area 1: Fundamentals for Integrated Computational Engineering of Materials, Processes and Products
- Area 2: Material Engineering
- Area 3: Process Engineering
- Area 4: Product Engineering

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