The Materials Center Leoben Forschung GmbH (MCL) is the coordinator of one of five currently running Austrian COMET K2 Competence Centers.


Aims of the IC-MPPE Research Programme

The COMET Center IC-MPPE aims at the rigorous integration of theoretical foundations, latest validated computational methods and key technologies to support material-based innovations. Furthermore, the COMET Center IC-MPPE focuses on simultaneous material, process and product development, cost efficiency, quality, material and energy savings, reduction of CO2 emissions as well as the digitization of production chains.


MCL and IC-MPPE Partner network

The COMET funding programme strongly promotes joint research activities between industrial and scientific partners. However, the MCL partner network also includes partners in other national and international publicly funded research projects as well as partners in MCL´s services activities. You can find an overview of MCL's current partner network here.


Structure of the IC-MPPE program

The research is divided into the following four research areas:

Area 1: Fundamentals for Integrated Computational Engineering of Materials, Processes and Products,

Area 2: Material Engineering,

Area 3: Process Engineering,

Area 4: Product Engineering.


Details on the IC-MPPE research areas can be found here.



For information on the actual COMET IC-MPPE Research Program, subprojects, funding options and collaboration opportunities, please contact the MCL management via mclburo(at)