Calculation services for design and development

MCL assists you in implementing your ideas in component development and design.


Our services range from:

  • simple, fundamental calculations for a better understanding of load conditions
  • design of technical components in conformity with standards
  • non-linear calculations of complicated material behaviour under varying contact conditions.


The MCL also provides your simulation department with customised tools for automated and user-friendly simulations and evaluations based on the FE software package Abaqus. 



Our Range of Services

  • Stress and fracture analysis for component design
    • Loading and damage analysis
    • Fatigue and fatigue strength analysis
    • Design in conformity with standards (DIN, VDI, FKM, ASME, BS, FITNET, etc.)
    • Damage tolerant design / fitness for purpose
    • Numerical estimation of crack growth
    • Supporting calculations throughout the design phase
  • Thermomechanical issues
    • Die casting molds and die holders
    • Brake discs
    • Furnace casings
    • Electronic components
  • Complex contact problems
    • Contact pressure and contact gap
    • Contact fatigue
  • Automated and customised pre- and post-processing (Abaqus)
    • Tools for customer calculations
    • Scripts & plug-ins