Our Range of Services

Sample Preparation

  • Target preparation of microelectronic components for further investigations (CT, SAM, SEM, light microscopy)

Non-destructive Testing

  • 3D computed tomography (failure analysis, investigations of components and materials, quantitative analyses such as porosity and inclusion analyses or nominal-actual value comparisons) and 2D radioscopy
  • Scanning acoustic microscopy (e.g. for investigation of delamination)
  • In-situ failure mode analysis of the thermal behaviour of electronic components
  • Live mode in-situ thermal testing of electronic components

Destructive Testing

  • Determination of physical properties via DMA
  • Determination of mechanical properties via shear, pull, push and peel tests as well as 3- and 4-point bending tests
  • Determination of thermal and chemical properties via DSC (reaction kinetics, specific heat capacity, melting temperature, glass transition temperature)
  • Thermal impedance measurements for the determination of thermal properties (e.g. heat flow)
  • Electrical characterisation of components via tip point station (sources AC/DC up to 1000 V)
  • Light microscopy of electrical components