Modelling of complex Material behaviour

The MCL simulation team offers material calculation routines and material model parameters for calculation in your simulation department and carries out calculations for you using advanced material models.


Typical fields of application for non-linear material laws include the calculation of shakedown behaviour due to cyclic plasticity (build-up of internal stresses), uncoupled or coupled damage calculation and surface compaction of powder metallurgically fabricated (PM) components.

MCL is your ideal partner for all questions involving the modelling of complex material behaviour, as we combine longstanding experience in materials testing with sound knowledge of numerical modelling of material behaviour.



Our Range of Services

Material models

  • Isotropic and kinematic hardening
  • Creep and strain rate dependence
  • Chaboche model (elasto-plastic or elasto-viscoplastic)
  • Damage models (e.g. Lemaitre, Hancock & Mackenzie, Gurson, etc.)
  • Implementation of material models in various FE software packages (Abaqus, Ansys, Deform, ...)

Determination of material parameters

  • Experiments (compression/tension tests, temperature measurement, internal stress measurement etc.)
  • Adaptation of material parameters to many material models

Industrial application of complex material models

  • Thermomechanical loading of die casting molds (Chaboche model)
  • Loading of cutting edges (Chaboche model)
  • Compaction of porous sintered metals


  • Metals
  • Cemented carbides
  • Structural and functional ceramics
  • Plastics
  • Composites