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  • High-temperature thermophysical properties of gamma- and delta-Mn from first principles (Artikel)
    H. Ehteshami and A. V. Ruban
    Physical Review Materials (2018)
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  • A microstructural based creep model applied to alloy 718 (Artikel)
    Andreas Drexler, Andreas Fischersworring-Bunk, Bernd Oberwinkler, Werner Ecker, Hans-Peter Gänser
    International Journal of Plasticity (2018)
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  • Clustering in Age-Hardenable Aluminum Alloys (Artikel)
    Dumitraschkewitz P., Gerstl SSA, Stephenson LT, Uggowitzer PJ, Pogatscher S.
    Advanced Engineering Materials (2018)
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  • Stress–strain analysis of the antiplane shear problem for an infinite cylindrical inclusion with eigenstrain: an addendum to Arch. Appl. Mech. 2018 (Artikel)
    J. Svoboda, G. A. Zickler, F. D. Fischer
    Arch Appl Mech (2018)
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  • Deep drawing of press hardening steels (Artikel)
    M Tomasch, W Ecker, R Kaiser and T Antretter
    Journal of Physics Conference Series (2018)
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  • The cyclic R-curve - Determination, problems, limitations and application (Artikel)
    Jürgen Maierhofer, Stefan Kolitsch, Reinhard Pippan, Hans-Peter Gänser, Mauro Madia, Uwe Zerbst
    Engineering Fracture Mechanics (2018)
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  • Presentation and Verification of an Electrolytic Etching Technique for the Determination of prior Austenite Grain Boundaries in the Steel PH15-5 (Artikel)
    D. Brandl, L. Höfler, M. Stockinger, S. Ploberger, S. Marsoner and G. Ressel
    Practical Metallography (2018)
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  • New Cr-Ni-base alloy for high-temperature applications designed on the basis of first-principles calculations (Artikel)
    V.I. Razumovskiy, D. Scheiber, I.M. Razumovskii, V.N. Butrim, A.S. Trushnikova, S.B. Varlamova, A.G. Beresnev
    Advances in Condensed Matter Physics (2018)
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  • Thermomechanical modelling of a torpedo Car by considering working lining spalling (Artikel)
    Jin S., Harmuth H., Gruber D., Buhr A., Sinnema S., Rebouillat L.
    Ironmaking and steelmaking (2018)
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  • Oxide induced crack closure in the near threshold regime: The effect of oxide debris release (Artikel)
    J. Maierhofer, D. Simunek, H.-P. Gänser, R. Pippan
    International Journal of Fatigue (2018)
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  • Theory-guided metal-decoration of nanoporous carbon for hydrogen storage applications (Artikel)
    D. Holec, N. Kostoglou, Ch. Tampaxis, B. Babic, Ch. Mitterer, C. Rebholz
    Surface and Coatings Technology (2018)
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  • Investigation of Compressive Refractory Creep (Artikel)
    Jin S., Harmuth H.
    China’s refractories (2018)
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  • Numerical assessment of materials used in railway crossings by predicting damage initiation - Validation and application (Artikel)
    Julian Wiedorn, Werner Daves, Uwe Ossberger, Heinz Ossberger, Martin Pletz
    Wear  (2018)
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  • Three stage creep behavior of MgO containing ordinary refractories in tension and compression (Artikel)
    Schachner S., Jin S., Gruber D., Harmuth H.
    Ceramics International (2018)
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  • Impact of solute-solute interactions on grain boundary segregation and cohesion in molybdenum (Artikel)
    Daniel Scheiber, Lorenz Romaner, Reinhard Pippan, Peter Puschnig
    Physical Review Materials (2018)
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  • Metallization defect detection in 3D integrated components using scanning acoustic microscopy and acoustic simulations (Artikel)
    Eva Kozic, René Hammer, Jördis Rosc, Bernhard Sartory, Joerg Siegert, Franz Schrank, Roland Brunner
    Microelectronics Reliability (2018)
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  • Statistical analysis of micropore size distributions in Al-Si castings evaluated by X-ray computed tomography (Artikel)
    Christian Garb, Martin Leitner, Markus Tauscher, Moritz Weidt, and Roland Brunner
    International Journal of Materials Research (2018)
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  • Crack arrest in thin metallic film stacks due to material- and residual stress inhomogeneities (Artikel)
    D. Kozic, H.-P. Gänser, R. Brunner, D. Kiener, T. Antretter, O. Kolednik
    Thin Solid Films (2018)
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  • New interatomic potential for simulation of pure magnesium and magnesium hydrides (Artikel)
    D.E. Smirnova, S.V. Starikov, A.M. Vlasova
    Computational Materials Science (2018)
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  • Anisotropy of interstitial diffusion in bcc-crystals due to stress-induced unequal occupancies of different types of sites (Artikel)
    J. Svoboda, F.D. Fischer
    Int J Solids Struct (2018)
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