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  • Thermography and complementary measurements as tools to detect micro-irregularities in electronic components (Artikel)
    Röhrig, S. and Petschenig, I. and Bermejo, R. and Hofstätter, M. and Aldrian, F. and Danzer, R. and Supancic, P.
    Journal of Ceramic Science and Technology (2015)
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  • Stress and deflection development during die embedding into printed circuit boards (Artikel)
    Macurova, K. and Angerer, P. and Bermejo, R. and Pletz, M. and Schöngrundner, R. and Antretter, T. and Krivec, T. and Morianz, M. and Brizoux, M. and Lecavelier, A.
    Materials Today: Proceedings (2015)
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  • Effect of magnetism and atomic order on static atomic displacements in the Invar alloy Fe-27 at.% Pt (Artikel)
    Sax, C.R. and Schönfeld, B. and Ruban, A.V.
    Physical Revieb B (2015)
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  • A first-principles study of cementite (Fe3C) and its alloyed counterparts: Structural properties, stability, and electronic structure (Artikel)
    Razumovskiy, V. and Ghosh, G.
    Computational Materials Science (2015)
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  • Varistor piezotronics: Mechanically tuned conductivity in varistors (Artikel)
    Baraki, R. and Novak, N. and Hofstätter, M. and Supancic, P. and Rödel, J. and Frömling, T.
    Journal of Applied Physics (2015)
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  • Correlative characterization of primary Al3(Sc,Zr) phase in an Al-Zn-Mg based alloy (Artikel)
    Li, J.H. and Wießner, M. and Albu, M. and Wurster, S. and Sartory, B. and Hofer, F. and Schumacher, P.
    Materials Characterization (2015)
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  • Restrictions of stress measurements using the curvature method by thermally induced plastic deformation of silicon substrates (Artikel)
    Saringer, M. and Tkadletz, M. and Mitterer, C.
    Surface and Coatings Technology (2015)
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  • Kinetics of interstitials segregation in cottrell atmospheres and grain boundaries (Artikel)
    Svoboda, J. and Zickler, G.A. and Kozeschnik, E. and Fischer, F.D.
    Philosophical Magazine Letters (2015)
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  • A new self-consistent model for thermodynamics of binary solutions (Artikel)
    Svoboda, J. and Shan, Y.V. and Fischer, F.D.
    Scripta Materialia (2015)
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  • Analysis of Solidification of High Manganese Steels Using Improved Differential Thermal Analysis Method (Artikel)
    Zhuang, C. and Liu, J. Bernhard, C. and Presoly, P.
    Journal of iron and steel research international (2015)
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  • Thermally Activated Deformation Behavior of ufg-Au: Environmental Issues During Long-Term and High-Temperature Nanoindentation Testing (Artikel)
    Maier, V. and Leitner, A. and Pippan, R. and Kiener, D.
    The Journal of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (2015)
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  • A model for precipitation strengthening in multi-particle systems (Artikel)
    Ahmadi, M.R. and Povoden-Karadeniz, E. and Öksüz, K. I. and Falahati, A. and Kozeschnik, E.
    Computational Materials Science (2014)
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  • A model for coherency strengthening of large precipitates (Artikel)
    Ahmadi, M. and Povoden-Karadeniz, E. and Sonderegger, B. and Öksüz, K. and Falahati, A. and Kozeschnik, E.
    Scripta Materialia (2014)
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  • Thermal behaviour of chromium nitride/titanium–titanium carbonitride multilayers (Artikel)
    Angerer, P. and Lackner, J. M. and Wießner, M. and Maier, G.A. and Major, L.
    Thin Solid Films (2014)
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  • Equi-penetration grazing incidence X-ray diffraction method: Stress depth profiling of ground silicon nitride (Artikel)
    Angerer, P. and Strobl, S.
    Acta Materialia (2014)
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  • Precise determination of phonon constants in lead-free monoclinic (K0.5Na0.5)NbO3 single crystals (Artikel)
    Asif Rafiq, M. and Supancic, P. and Elisabete Costa, M. and Vilarinho, P.M. and Deluca, M.
    Applied Physics Letters (2014)
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  • Simulation of horizontal centrifugal casting: Mold filling and solidification (Artikel)
    Bohacek, J. and Kharicha, A. and Ludwig, A. and Wu, M.
    International Science and Investigation Journal (2014)
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  • Average and local atomic-scale structure in BaZrxTi1-xO3 (x = 0.10, 0.20, 0.40) ceramics by high-energy x-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy (Artikel)
    Buscaglia, V. and Tripathi, S. and Petkov, V. and Dapiaggi, M. and Deluca, M. and Gajovic, A. and Ren, Y.
    Journal of Physics (2014)
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  • Mono-textured nanocrystalline thin films with pronounced stress-gradients: On the role of grain boundaries in the stress evolution (Artikel)
    Daniel, R. and Jäger, E. and Todt, J. and Sartory, B. and Mitterer, C. and Keckes, J.
    Journal of Applied Physics (2014)
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  • Crack growth tendency of surface shear cracks in rolling sliding contact (Artikel)
    Daves, W. and Yao, W.P. and Scheriau, S.
    Key Engineering Materials (2014)
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