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  • Constraints in thermodynamic extremal principlesfor non-local dissipative processes (Artikel)
    K. Hackl, F.D. Fischer, J. Svoboda
    Continuum Mech. Thermodyn. (2019)
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  • Coupled Damage Indicator based on Fracture Locus: Theoretical Framework and Experiments (Artikel)
    Baltic S., Magnien J., Gänser H.P., Antretter T., Hammer R.
    International Journal of Plasticity (2019)
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  • Damage tolerance of lamellar bone (Artikel)
    H. Razi, J. Predan, F. D. Fischer, O. Kolednik, P. Fratzl
    Journal of Bone (2019)
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  • Density functional theory calculations of iron-vanadium carbide interfaces and the effect of hydrogen (Artikel)
    S.E. Restrepo, D.Di Stefano, M. Mrovec, A.T. Paxton
    International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2019)
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  • Detection of Derivative Discontinuities in Observational Data (Artikel)
    Dimitar Ninevski, Paul O'Leary
    arXiv (2019)
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  • Development of a Characterization Workflow for Reliable Porous Copper Films using SEM-FIB Tomography and Advanced Image Analysis (Artikel)
    A. Wijaya, J. Rosc, B. Sartory, R. Brunner
    STFA 2019: Proceedings from the 45th International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis (2019)
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  • Development of Damage-Tolerant and Fracture-Resistant Materials by Utilizing the Material Inhomogeneity Effect (Artikel)
    O. Kolednik, R. Kasberger, M. Sistaninia, J. Predan, M. Kegl
    Journal of Applied Mechanics (2019)
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  • Dielectric and structural studies of ferroelectric phase evolution in dipole‐pair substituted barium titanate ceramics (Artikel)
    Vignaswaran K. Veerapandiyan, Marco Deluca, Scott T. Misture, Walter A. Schulze, Steven M. Pilgrim, Steven C. Tidrow
    Jorunal of the American Ceramic Society (2019)
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  • Driving forces on dislocations – an analytical and finite element study (Artikel)
    O. Kolednik, W. Ochensberger, J. Predan
    International Journal of Solids and Structures (2019)
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  • Effect of carbon on elastic properties and microstructure of maraging steel: First-principles and phase-field study (Artikel)
    V. Razumovskiy, H. Kumar Yeddu, J. Spitaler
    Computational Materials Science (2019)
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  • Effect of shot peening on residual stresses and crack closure in CVD coated hard metal cutting inserts (Artikel)
    L. Faksa, W. Daves, W. Ecker, T. Klünsner, M. Tkadletz, C. Czettl
    International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials (2019)
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  • Electro-Thermal-Mechanical Modeling of Gas Sensor Hotplates (Artikel)
    Coppeta R. et al.
    Sensor Systems Simulations. (Book chapter) Springer, Cham (2019)
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  • Evaluation of AHSS concepts with a focus on the product properties and appropriate casting characteristics of Arvedi ESP thin slab casters (Artikel)
    C. Bernhard, B. Linzer, P. Presoly, I. Watzinger and J. Watzinger
    IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (2019)
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  • Evolution of microstructure and mechanical properties of a graded TiAlON thin film investigated by cross-sectional characterization techniques (Artikel)
    Nina Schalk, Michael Tkadletz, Velislava L. Terziyska, Marco Deluca, Ilse Letofsky-Papst, Jozef Keckes, Christian Mitterer
    Surface and Coatings Technology (2019)
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  • Experimentally validated calculation of the cutting edge temperature during dry milling of Ti6Al4V (Artikel)
    A.W. Nemetz, W. Daves, T. Klünsner, C. Praetzas, W. Liu, T. Teppernegg, C. Czettl, F. Haas, C. Bölling, J. Schäfer
    Journal of Materials Processing Technology (2019)
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  • Exploring Temperature-Modulated Operation Mode of Metal Oxide Gas Sensors for Robust Signal Processing (Artikel)
    Boiger, R.; Defregger, S.; Grbic, M.; Köck, A.; Mücke, M.; Wimmer-Teubenbacher, R.; Travieso, B.Z.
    Eurosensors 2018 (2019)
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  • Fatigue behaviour of WC-Co hard metal under stress ratio and effectively loaded volume relevant to metalworking tool failure (Artikel)
    T. Klünsner, M. Jonke, P. Supancic, C. Gettinger, M. Krobath, T. Lube, S. Marsoner, J. Glätzle
    International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials (2019)
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  • Fatigue crack growth in full-scale railway axles – Influence of secondary stresses and load sequence effects (Artikel)
    Martin Rieger, Christian Moser, Peter Brunnhofer, David Simunek, Franz-Josef Weber, Andreas Deisl, Hans-Peter Gänser, Reinhard Pippan, Norbert Enzinger
    International Journal of Fatigue (2019)
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  • Fatigue crack growth in railway axle specimens – Transferability and model validation (Artikel)
    D. Simunek, M. Leitner, M. Rieger, R. Pippan, H.P. Gänser, F.J. Weber
    International Journal of Fatigue (2019)
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  • Fatigue crack growth model including load sequence effects – Model development and calibration for railway axle steels (Artikel)
    J. Maierhofer, H.-P. Gänser, D. Simunek, M. Leitner, R. Pippan, M. Luke
    International Journal of Fatigue (2019)
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