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  • Mechanical properties of single and polycrystalline α-Al2O3 coatings grown by chemical vapor deposition (Artikel)
    Konstantiniuk F., Tkadletz M., Kainz C., Czettl C., Schalk N.
    Surface and Coatings Technology (2021)
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  • The worm-LBM, an algorithm for a high number of propagation directions on a lattice Boltzmann grid: The case of phonon transport (Artikel)
    Hammer R., Fritz V., Bedoya-Martínez N.
    International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer (2021)
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  • Extracting information from noisy data: strain mapping during dynamic in situ SEM experiments (Artikel)
    Alfreider M., Meindlhumer M., Maier-Kiener V., Hohenwarter A., Kiener D.
    Journal of Materials Research (2021)
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  • Machine learning assisted calibration of a ductile fracture locus model (Artikel)
    Baltic S., Asadzadeh M.Z., Hammer P., Magnien J., Gänser H.-P., Antretter T., Hammer R.
    Materials and Design (2021)
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  • In situ investigation of the oxidation behaviour of chemical vapour deposited Zr(C,N) hard coatings using synchrotron x–ray diffraction (Artikel)
    Frank F., Tkadletz M., Saringer C., Stark A., Schell N., Deluca M., Czettl C., Schalk N.
    Coatings (2021)
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  • Effect of solder joint size and composition on liquid-assisted healing (Artikel)
    Siroky G., Kraker E., Magnien J., Melinc D., Kieslinger D., Kozeschnik E., Ecker W.
    Microelectronics Reliability (2021)
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  • A range-relaxed criteria for choosing the Lagrange multipliers in the iterated Tikhonov Kaczmarz method for solving systems of linear ill-posed equations (Artikel)
    Filippozzi R., Rabelo J.C., Boiger R., Leitao A.
    Inverse Problems (2021)
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  • Thermal and spatial resolution in scanning thermal microscopy images: A study on the probe’s heating parameters (Artikel)
    V. Leitgeb, R. Hammer, L. Mitterhuber, K. Fladischer, F. Peter, A. Buerke, S. Defregger
    Journal of Applied Physics (2021)
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  • Characterization of the γ-loop in the Fe-P system by coupling DSC and HT-LSCM with complementary in-situ experimental techniques (Artikel)
    Bernhard M., Fuchs N., Presoly P., Angerer P., Friessnegger B., Bernhard C.
    Materials Characterization (2021)
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  • A physical reason for asymmetric creep deformation behaviour of WC-Co hardmetal under tension and compression loading at 700 °C and 800 °C (Artikel)
    Kathrin Maier, Thomas Klünsner, Werner Ecker, Philip Pichler, Stefan Marsoner, Christoph Czettl, Jonathan Schäfer, Reinhold Ebner
    International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials (2021)
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  • Monte Carlo study of Cu precipitation in bcc-Fe: Temperature-dependent cluster expansion versus local chemical environment potentials (Artikel)
    Redermeier A., Kozeschnik E.
    Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering (2021)
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  • Strength ranking for interfaces between a TiN hard coating and microstructural constituents of high speed steel determined by micromechanical testing, (Artikel)
    Matthias Gsellmann, Thomas Klünsner, Christian Mitterer, Martin Krobath, Michael Wurmshuber, Harald Leitner, Werner Ecker, Stefan Marsoner, Verena Maier-Kiener, Daniel Kiener, Gerald Ressel,
    Materials and Design (2021)
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  • Ab initio investigation of the atomic volume, thermal expansion, and formation energy of WTi solid solutions (Artikel)
    R. Bodlos, T. Dengg, A. V. Ruban, M. Dehghani, L. Romaner, and J. Spitaler
    Physical Review Materials (2021)
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  • Design, operation and evaluation of an improved refractory wear testing technique (Artikel)
    Volkmar Kircher, Burhanuddin, Harald Harmuth
    Measurement (2021)
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  • Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of ZrN, ZrCN and ZrC Coatings Grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition (Artikel)
    Frank, Florian and Tkadletz, Michael and Czettl, Christoph and Schalk, Nina
    Coatings (2021)
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  • A modification to extended proper orthogonal decomposition-based correlation analysis: The spatial consideration (Artikel)
    Sina Lohrasbi, René Hammer, Werner Eßl, Georg Reiss, Stefan Defregger, Wolfgang Sanz
    International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer (2021)
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  • Ab initio simulations of the surface free energy of TiN(001) (Artikel)
    Forslund, Axel and Zhang, Xi and Grabowski, Blazej and Shapeev, Alexander V. and Ruban, Andrei V.
    Physical Review B (2021)
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  • Stress intensity factors for micro- and macroscale bimaterial cantilevers and bend specimens (Artikel)
    Stefan Kolitsch, Otmar Kolednik
    Thin Solid Films (2021)
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  • Measurement of the piezotronic effect on single grain boundaries in zinc oxide Varistors (Artikel)
    Thomas Billovits, Benjamin Kaufmann, Peter Supancic
    Open Ceramics (2021)
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  • Introduction of a novel yoke-based electromagnetic measurement method with high temperature application possibilities (Artikel)
    V. Jászfi, P. Raninger, J.M. Riedler, P. Prevedel, D.G. Mevec, Y. Godai, R. Ebner,
    Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (2021)
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