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  • Systematic investigation of acicular ferrite formation on laboratory scale (Artikel)
    Loder, D. and Michelic, S.
    Material Science and Technology (2016)
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  • Ab initio calculations of grain boundaries in bcc metals (Artikel)
    Scheiber, D. and Pippan, R. and Puschnig, P. and Romaner, L.
    Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering (2016)
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  • Experimental and theoretical evidence of displacive martensite in an intermetallic Mo-containing y-TiAl based alloy (Artikel)
    Mayer, S. and Petersmann, M. and Fischer, F.D. and Clemens, H. and Waitz, T. and Antretter, T.
    Acta Materialia (2016)
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  • Finite element study of the influence of hard coatings on hard metal tool loading during milling (Artikel)
    Krajinovic, I. and Daves, W. and Tkadletz, M. and Teppernegg, T. and Klünsner, T. and Schalk, N. and Mitterer, C. and Tritremmel, C. and Ecker, W. and Czettl, C.
    Surface and Coatings Technology (2016)
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  • Effect of composition on antiphase boundary energy in Ni3Al based alloys: Ab initio calculations (Artikel)
    Gorbatov, O. and Lomaev, I.L. and Gornastyrev, Y. and Ruban, A.V. and Furrer, D. and Venkatesh, V. and Novikov, D.L. and Burlatsky, S.F.
    Physical Review B (2016)
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  • Ab initio study of Cu impurity diffusion in bulk TiN (Artikel)
    Bochkarev, A.; Popov, M.; Razumovskiy, V.; Spitaler, J. & Puschnig, P.
    Physical Review B (2016)
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  • A single-volume approach for vacancy formation thermodynamics calculations (Artikel)
    Bochkarev, A.; Zamulko, S.; Gorbatov, O.; Sidorenko, S.; Puschnig, P. & Ruban, A.
    A Letters Journal Exploring the Frontiers of Physics (EPL Journal) (2016)
  • Formation and growth kinetics of reverted austenite during tempering of a high Co-Ni steel (Artikel)
    Gruber, M.; Ressel, G.; Mendez Martin, F.; Ploberger, S.; Marsoner, S. & Ebner, R.
    Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A (2016)
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  • Microstructural effects on the toughness of a high Co-Ni steel (Artikel)
    Gruber, M.; Ressel, G.; Ploberger, S.; Marsoner, S.; Kolednik, O. & Ebner, R.
    Advanced Engineering Materials (2016)
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  • Advanced 3D failure characterization in multi-layered PCBs (Artikel)
    Grünwald, E.; Hammer, R.; Rosc, J.; Maier, G.A.; Bärnthaler, M.; Cordill, M.J.; Brand, S.; Nuster, R.; Krivec, T. & Brunner, R.
    NDT and E International (2016)
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  • Automatized failure analysis of tungsten coated TSVs via scanning acoustic microscopy (Artikel)
    Grünwald, E.; Rosc, J.; Hammer, R.; Czurratis, P.; Koch, M.; Kraft, J.; Schrank, F. & Brunner, R.
    Microelectronics Reliability (2016)
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  • Effective interactions and atomic ordering in Ni-rich Ni-Re alloys (Artikel)
    He, S.; Peng, P.; Gorbatov, I. & Ruban, A.V.
    Physical Review B (2016)
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  • Long-ranged interactions in bcc NbMoTaW high-entropy alloys (Artikel)
    Körmann, F.; Ruban, A.V. & Sluiter, M.H.F.
    Materials Research Letters (2016)
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  • Investigation of interfacial behavior in miniaturized solder interconnects (Artikel)
    Magnien, J.; Khatibi, G.; Lederer, M. & Ipser, H.
    Materials Science and Engineering A (2016)
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  • X-ray computed tomography for fast and non-destructive multiple pearl inspection (Artikel)
    Rosc, J.; Hammer, V.M.F. & Brunner, R.
    Case Studies in Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation (2016)
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  • Thermal vacancies in random alloys in the single-site mean-field approximation (Artikel)
    Ruban, A.V.
    Physical Review B (2016)
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  • Ab-initio search for cohesion-enhancing solute elements at grain boundaries in molybdenum and tungsten (Artikel)
    Scheiber, D.; Pippan, R.; Puschnig, P.; Ruban, A. & Romaner, L.
    International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials (2016)
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  • Combinatorial refinement of thin-film microstructure, properties and process conditions: iterative nanoscale search for self-assembled TiAlN nanolamellae (Artikel)
    Zalesak, J. and Todt, J. and Pitonak, R. and Köpf, A. and Weißenbacher, R. and Sartory, B. and Burghammer, M. and Daniel, R. and Keckes, J.
    Journal of Applied Crystallography (2016)
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  • Deformation in the g-Mg17Al12 phase at 25-278 °C (Artikel)
    Mathur, H.N. and Maier-Kiener, V. and Korte-Kerzel, S.
    Acta Materialia (2016)
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  • Interplay between sample size and grain size: Single crystalline vs. ultrafine-grained chromium micropillars (Artikel)
    Fritz, R. and Maier-Kiener, V. and Lutz, D. and Kiener, D.
    Materials Science and Engineering: A (2016)
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