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  • Observation of an electrical breakdown at ZnO Schottky contacts in varistors (Artikel)
    Kaufmann B., Billovits T., Supancic P.
    Journal of the European Ceramic Society (2020)
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  • Coupled damage variable based on fracture locus: Prediction of ductile failure in a complex structure (Artikel)
    Baltic S., Magnien J., Gänser H.-P., Antretter T., Hammer R.
    International Journal of Solids and Structures (2020)
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  • Synthesis of bulk reactive Ni–Al composites using high pressure torsion (Artikel)
    Renk O., Tkadletz M., Kostoglou N., Gunduz I.E., Fezzaa K., Sun T., Stark A., Doumanidis C.C., Eckert J., Pippan R., Mitterer C., Rebholz C.
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds (2020)
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  • On the treatment of non-reciprocal rate-independent kinetics via thermodynamic extremal principles (Artikel)
    K. Hackl, F.D. Fischer, J. Svoboda,
    Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids (2020)
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  • A comprehensive review on the core thermal management improvement concepts in power electronics (Artikel)
    Lohrasbi S., Hammer R., Essl W., Reiss G., Defregger S., Sanz W.
    IEEE Access (2020)
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  • Raman spectra of fine-grained materials from first principles (Artikel)
    Maxim N. Popov, Jürgen Spitaler, Vignaswaran K. Veerapandiyan, Eric Bousquet, Jiri Hlinka & Marco Deluca
    Computational Materials (2020)
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  • Experimental Study of High Temperature Phase Equilibria in the Iron-Rich Part of the Fe-P and Fe-C-P Systems (Artikel)
    Michael Bernhard, Peter Presoly, Nora Fuchs, Christian Bernhard, Youn-Bae Kang
    Metall Mater Trans A (2020)
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  • Adsorption of H2 on Penta-Octa-Penta Graphene: Grand Canonical Monte Carlo Study (Artikel)
    Popov, M.N.; Dengg, T.; Gehringer, D.; Holec, D.
    C Journal of Carbon Research (2020)
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  • Interactions between a H2 Molecule and Carbon Nanostructures: A DFT Study (Artikel)
    Gehringer D, Dengg T, Popov MN, Holec D.
    C Journal of Carbon Research (2020)
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  • Surface Energy of Au Nanoparticles Depending on Their Size and Shape (Artikel)
    Holec, D.; Dumitraschkewitz, P.; Vollath, D.; Fischer, F.D.
    Nanomaterials (2020)
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  • Elastic constants of six wood species measured with the resonant beam technique (Artikel)
    Gerhard S., Loidl D., Stanzl-Tschegg S., Maierhofer J., Puchegger S.
    Wood Research (2020)
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  • Kinetics of interaction of impurity interstitials with dislocations revisited (Artikel)
    J. Svoboda, W. Ecker, V. I. Razumovskiy, G. A. Zickler, F. D. Fischer
    Progress in Materials Science (2019)
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  • Complementary Thermal Analysis Protocols for the Investigation of the Tempering Reactions of a Carbide-Free Bainitic Steel (Artikel)
    T. Klein, M. Lukas, P. Haselberger, B. Friessnegger, M. Galler, G. Ressel
    JOM (2019)
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  • Cyclic heat-up and damage-relevant substrate plastification of single- and bilayer coated milling inserts evaluated numerically (Artikel)
    Nemetz A., Daves W., Klünsner T., Ecker W., Schäfer J., Czettl C., Antretter T.
    Surface and Coatings Technology (2019)
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  • Thermo-chemical Fluid Flow Simulation in Hot-Dip Galvanizing: The Evaluation of Dross Build-Up Formation (Artikel)
    Reiss, G., Ishmurzin, A., Mugrauer, C., Eßl, W., Ecker, W., Strutzenberger, J., Unger, H., Angeli, G.
    Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B (2019)
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  • Residual stress and microstructure evolution in steel tubes for different cooling conditions – Simulation and verification (Artikel)
    S. Brunbauer, G. Winter, T. Antretter, P. Staron, W. Ecker
    Materials Science and Engineering A (2019)
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  • Local order in Cr-Fe-Co-Ni: Experiment and electronic structure calculations (Artikel)
    B. Schönfeld, C. R. Sax, J. Zemp, M. Engelke, P. Boesecke, T. Kresse, T. Boll, T. Al-Kassab, O. E. Peil, and A. V. Ruban
    Physical Review B (2019)
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  • Retardation of Fatigue Crack Growth in Rotating Bending Specimens with Semi-Elliptical Cracks (Artikel)
    Martin Leitner , David Simunek , Jürgen Maierhofer, Hans-Peter Gänser and Reinhard Pippan
    Metals (2019)
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  • In-situ high-temperature X-ray diffraction investigations of magnetron sputtered niobium oxide layers up to 900 °C (Artikel)
    P. Angerer, V. van Karsbergen, N. Weinberger, G. Strauss, E. Neubauer, B. Friessnegger, S. Marsoner
    Thin Solid Films (2019)
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  • Structure Function Analysis of Temperature-Dependent Thermal Properties of Nm-Thin Nb2O5 (Artikel)
    L. Mitterhuber, E. Kraker and S. Defregger
    Energies (2019)
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