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  • Performance of the standard exchange-correlation functionals in predicting melting properties fully from first principles: Application to Al and magnetic Ni (Artikel)
    Zhu L.-F., Körmann F., Ruban A.V., Neugebauer J., Grabowski B.
    Physical Review B (2020)
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  • Loading and Healing method to study liquid-assisted healing properties of cyclic failed bulk solder (Artikel)
    Melinc D., Magnien J., Siroky G., Kieslinger D., Kozeschnik E.
    2020 21st International Conference on Thermal, Mechanical and Multi-Physics Simulation and Experiments in Microelectronics and Microsystems, EuroSimE 2020 (2020)
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  • Healing solders: A numerical investigation of damage-healing experiments (Artikel)
    Siroky G., Melinc D., Magnien J., Kozeschnik E., Kieslinger D., Kraker E., Ecker W.
    2020 21st International Conference on Thermal, Mechanical and Multi-Physics Simulation and Experiments in Microelectronics and Microsystems, EuroSimE 2020 (2020)
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  • Characterisation of zinc oxide thin-film solidly mounted resonators for particle sensing in air (Artikel)
    Specht J.P., Esfahani S., Xing Y., Cole M., Gardner J.W.
    I2MTC 2020 - International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, Proceedings (2020)
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  • Micromechanics-based damage model for liquid-assisted healing (Artikel)
    Siroky G., Kraker E., Kieslinger D., Kozeschnik E., Ecker W.
    International Journal of Damage Mechanics (2020)
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  • Thermal characterization and modelling of AlGaN-GaN multilayer structures for HEMT applications † (Artikel)
    Mitterhuber L., Hammer R., Dengg T., Spitaler J.
    Energies (2020)
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  • Elasto-viscoplastic material model of a directly-cast low-carbon steel at high temperatures (Artikel)
    Krobath M., Krobath R., Bernhard C., Ecker W.
    Materials (2020)
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  • Wire-based additive manufacturing of Ti-6Al-4V using electron beam technique (Artikel)
    Pixner F., Warchomicka F., Peter P., Steuwer A., Colliander M.H., Pederson R., Enzinger N.
    Materials (2020)
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  • Atomic-scale structure and chemical sensing application of ultrasmall size-selected Pt nanoparticles supported on SnO2 (Artikel)
    S. Steinhauer, E. Lackner, F. Sosada-Ludwikowska, V. Singh, J. Krainer, R. Wimmer-Teubenbacher, P. Grammatikopoulos, A. Köck, M. Sowwan
    Materials Advances (2020)
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  • Strategies to Improve the Energy Storage Properties of Perovskite Lead-Free Relaxor Ferroelectrics: A Review (Artikel)
    Vignaswaran Veerapandiyan , Federica Benes, Theresa Gindel, Marco Deluca
    materials (2020)
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  • Hexavalent (Me - W/Mo)-modified (Ba,Ca)TiO3-Bi(Mg,Me)O3 perovskites for high-temperature dielectrics (Artikel)
    Thomas Schulz, Vignaswaran K. Veerapandiyan, Theresa Gindel, Marco Deluca, Jörg Töpfer
    J Am Ceram Soc. (2020)
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  • Analysis of Sn-Bi Solders: X-ray Micro Computed Tomography Imaging and Microstructure Characterization in Relation to Properties and Liquid Phase Healing Potential (Artikel)
    Siroky, G.; Kraker, E.; Rosc, J.; Kieslinger, D.; Brunner, R.; van der Zwaag, S.; Kozeschnik, E.; Ecker, W.
    Materials (2020)
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  • Segregation of Refractory Metals at Grain Boundaries in High-Temperature Alloys (Artikel)
    Razumovskii I.M., Razumovskiy V.I., Logachev I.A., Rodin A.O., Razumovsky M.I.
    Russian Metallurgy (Metally) (2020)
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  • Simulation of dynamic and meta-dynamic recrystallization behavior of forged Alloy 718 parts using a multi-class grain size model (Artikel)
    Gruber C., Raninger P., Stanojevic A., Godor F., Rath M., Kozeschnik E., Stockinger M.
    Materials (2020)
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  • Transient phase fraction and dislocation density estimation from in-situ X-ray diffraction data with a low signal-to-noise ratio using a Bayesian approach to the Rietveld analysis (Artikel)
    Wiessner M., Angerer P., van der Zwaag S., Gamsjäger E.
    Materials Characterization (2020)
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  • Hybrid modeling of induction hardening processes (Artikel)
    Mohammad Zhian Asadzadeh, Peter Raninger, Petri Prevedel, Werner Ecker, Manfred Mücke
    Applications in Engineering Science (2020)
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  • Surface and segregation energies of Ag based alloys with Ni, Co and Fe: Direct experimental measurement and DFT study (Artikel)
    S.N. Zhevnenko, I.S. Petrov, D. Scheiber, V.I. Razumovskiy
    Acta Materialia (2020)
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  • Information bottleneck: Theory and applications in deep learning (Artikel)
    Geiger B.C., Kubin G.
    Entropy (2020)
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  • Stress intensity factor for w-shape tension specimens (Artikel)
    Stefan Kolitsch, Miraj M. Jan, Hans-Peter Gänser, Otmar Kolednik,
    Engineering Fracture Mechanics (2020)
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  • Local hydrogen accumulation after cold forming and heat treatment in punched advanced high strength steel sheets (Artikel)
    A. Drexler, C. Bergmann, G. Manke, V. Kokotin, K. Mraczek, S. Leitner, M. Pohl, W. Ecker
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds (2020)
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