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  • Reliable force field potential for modelling thermal transport in AlN (Artikel)
    Simon Fernbach; Elke Kraker; Egbert Zojer; Natalia Bedoya-Martínez
    28th International Workshop on Thermal Investigations of ICs and Systems (THERMINIC) (2022)
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  • Investigations of Silicon-Based Anodes for Li-Ion Batteries Using X-Ray and Neutron 3D/4D Imaging Techniques (Artikel)
    Erik Lübke, Lukas Helfen , Roland Brunner , Thomas Vorauer , Jakub Drnec , Stefan Koller , Sandrine Lyonnard
    Microscopy & Microanalysis (2022)
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  • Compressed Hierarchical Representations for Multi-Task Learning and Task Clustering (Artikel)
    João Machado de Freitas; Sebastian Berg; Bernhard C. Geiger; Manfred Mücke
    2022 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN) (2022)
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  • Scanning pulse phase thermography with changing scanning speed (Artikel)
    C. Tuschl, B. Oswald-Tranta, T. Agathocleous and S. Eck
    QIRT2022 (2022)
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  • A Computational Framework for Generalized Constrained Inverse Problems (Artikel)
    O'Leary P., Ninevski D.
    2022 IEEE 5th International Conference on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems, ICPS 2022 (2022)
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  • Pavement Macrotexture Evaluation for Tire Test Benches using Surface Profile Measurements (Artikel)
    Handler J., O'Leary P.
    Conference Record - IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference (2022)
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  • Hybrid Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection in Industrial Time-Series Measurement Data (Artikel)
    Terbuch A., O'Leary P., Auer P.
    Conference Record - IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference (2022)
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  • Multi-method characterization approach to facilitate a strategy to design mechanical and electrical properties of sintered copper (Artikel)
    A. Wijaya, B. Eichinger, F.F. Chamasemani, B. Sartory, R. Hammer, V. Maier-Kiener, D. Kiener, M. Mischitz, R. Brunner
    Materials & Design (2021)
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  • On segregation in multicomponent alloys: Surface segregation in austenite and FeCrCoNiMn alloys (Artikel)
    Ruban A.V.
    Computational Materials Science (2021)
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  • Effect of hydrogen on deformation behavior of Alloy 725 revealed by in-situ bi-crystalline micropillar compression test (Artikel)
    Lu X., Wang D.
    Journal of Materials Science and Technology (2021)
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  • Open-cell tungsten nanofoams: Scaling behavior and structural disorder dependence of Young's modulus and flow strength (Artikel)
    Zhao M., Schlueter K., Wurmshuber M., Reitgruber M., Kiener D.
    Materials and Design (2021)
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  • On the local evaluation of the hydrogen susceptibility of cold-formed and heat treated advanced high strength steel (AHSS) sheets (Artikel)
    Drexler A., Bergmann C., Manke G., Kokotin V., Mraczek K., Pohl M., Ecker W.
    Materials Science and Engineering A (2021)
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  • Multi-class grain size model for forged alloy 718 aircraft parts (Artikel)
    Gruber C., Raninger P., Stockinger M., Bucher C.
    Materials Science Forum (2021)
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  • Hydrogen segregation near a crack tip in nickel (Artikel)
    A. Drexler, S. He, R. Pippan, L. Romaner, V.I. Razumovskiy, W. Ecker
    Scripta Materialia (2021)
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  • Impact of electric field at rough copper lines on failure time due to electrochemical migration in PCBs (Artikel)
    Reiss G., Kosednar-Legenstein B., Riedler J., Eßl W.
    Microelectronics Reliability (2021)
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  • Inductive Thermography as Non-Destructive Testing for Railway Rails (Artikel)
    Tuschl, Christoph; Oswald-Tranta, Beate; Eck, Sven
    Applied Sciences (2021)
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  • How the interface type manipulates the thermomechanical response of nanostructured metals: A case study on nickel (Artikel)
    Renk O., Maier-Kiener V., Motz C., Eckert J., Kiener D., Pippan R.
    Materialia (2021)
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  • A semi-physical α-β model on bainite transformation kinetics and carbon partitioning (Artikel)
    Wei W., Retzl P., Kozeschnik E., Erwin Povoden-Karadeniz
    Acta Materialia (2021)
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  • In situ fracture observations of distinct interface types within a fully lamellar intermetallic TiAl alloy (Artikel)
    Burtscher M., Alfreider M., Schmuck K., Clemens H., Mayer S., Kiener D.
    Journal of Materials Research (2021)
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  • Ion irradiation-induced localized stress relaxation in W thin film revealed by cross-sectional X-ray nanodiffraction (Artikel)
    K. Hlushko, A. Mackova, J. Zalesak, M. Burghammer, A. Davydok, C. Krywka, R. Daniel, J. Keckes, J. Todt
    Thin Solid Films (2021)
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