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  • An Assessment of Analytical Liquidus Equations for Fe-C-Si-Mn-Al-P-Alloyed Steels Using DSC/DTA Techniques (Artikel)
    Michael Bernhard, Peter Presoly & Christian Bernhard, Susanne Hahn, Sergiu Ilie
    Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B (2021)
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  • In-situ TEM investigation of toughening in Silicon at small scales (Artikel)
    Inas Issa, Christoph Gammer, Stefan Kolitsch, Anton Hohenwarter, Peter J. Imrich, Reinhard Pippan, Daniel Kiener
    Materials Today (2021)
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  • Creep behaviour of WC-12 wt% Co hardmetals with different WC grain sizes tested in uniaxial tensile and compression step-loading tests at 700 °C and 800 °C (Artikel)
    Kathrin Maier, Thomas Klünsner, Martin Krobath, Philip Pichler, Stefan Marsoner, Werner Ecker, Christoph Czettl, Jonathan Schäfer, Reinhold Ebner
    International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials (2021)
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  • Influence of carbon on energetics, electronic structure, and mechanical properties of TiAl alloys (Artikel)
    Dominik Legut, Juergen Spitaler, Pasqualle Pavone and Claudia Draxl
    New Journal of Physics (2021)
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  • Corrosion of Stainless Steel by Urea at High Temperature (Artikel)
    Anastasiia Galakhova, Fabian Kadisch, Gregor Mori, Susanne Heyder, Helmut Wieser, Bernhard Sartory, Simon Burger
    Corros. Mater. Degrad. (2021)
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  • Role of elastic strain energy in spheroidal precipitates revisited (Artikel)
    H.J. Böhm, G.A. Zickler, F.D. Fischer, J. Svoboda
    Mechanics of Materials (2021)
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  • Correlative cross-sectional characterization of nitrided, carburized and shot-peened steels: synchrotron micro-X-ray diffraction analysis of stress, microstructure and phase gradients (Artikel)
    S.C. Bodner, M. Meindlhumer, T. Ziegelwanger, H. Winklmayr, T. Hatzenbichler, C. Schindelbacher, B. Sartory, M. Krobath, W. Ecker, N. Schell, J. Keckes
    Journal of Materials Research and Technology (2021)
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  • Contactless temperature measurement in wire-based electron beam additive manufacturing Ti-6Al-4V (Artikel)
    F. Pixner, R. Buzolin, D. Theuermann, F. Warchomicka, N. Enzinger, S. Schönfelder
    Weld World (2021)
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  • Symbolic regression based hybrid semiparametric modelling of processes: an example case of a bending process (Artikel)
    Mohammad Zhian Asadzadeh, Hans-Peter Gänser, Manfred Mücke
    Applications in Engineering Science (2021)
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  • A modelling approach to describe the current-voltage behaviour of low-voltage zinc oxide varistors (Artikel)
    Kaufmann B, Billovits T, Kratzer M, Teichert C, Supancic P
    Open Ceramics (2021)
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  • The effect of homogenization on microstructure and hardness of a large-scale high-aluminum Al4.4Co26Cr18Fe18Ni26Ti5.5 Compositionally Complex Alloy cast (Artikel)
    Florian Biermair, Gerald Ressel
    International Journal of Materials Research (2021)
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  • Computational analysis of austenite film thickness and C-redistribution in carbide-free bainite (Artikel)
    P Retzl, S Zamberger and E Kozeschnik
    Materials Research Express (2021)
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  • Phasor Wave-Field Simulation Providing Direct Access to Instantaneous Frequency: A Demonstration for a Damped Elastic Wave Simulation (Artikel)
    René Hammer, Lisa Mitterhuber and Roland Brunner
    acoustics (2021)
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  • An In Situ Synchrotron Dilatometry and Atomistic Study of Martensite and Carbide Formation during Partitioning and Tempering (Artikel)
    Plesiutschnig, Ernst, Mihaela Albu, David Canelo-Yubero, Vsevolod I. Razumovskiy, Andreas Stark, Norbert Schell, Gerald Kothleitner, Coline Beal, Christof Sommitsch, and Ferdinand Hofer.
    materials (2021)
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  • Theoretical investigation of the 70.5° mixed dislocations in body-centered cubic transition metals (Artikel)
    Lorenz Romaner, Tapaswani Pradhan, Anastasiia Kholtobina, Ralf Drautz, Matous Mrovec
    Acta Materialia (2021)
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  • Pressure- and temperature-dependent diffusion from first-principles: A case study of V and Ti in a TiN matrix (Artikel)
    Ganesh Kumar Nayak, Maxim N. Popov, David Holec
    Surface and Coatings Technology (2021)
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  • Simulation of the Refining Process of Ultra-Low Carbon (ULC) Steel (Artikel)
    Dali You, Christian Bernhard, Andreas Viertauer and Bernd Linzer
    crystals (2021)
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  • Modern powder metallurgy: Chemical composition design for improved heat resistant alloys (Artikel)
    Razumovskii I., Logacheva A., Razumovskiy V., Logachev I., Razumovsky M.
    Metals (2021)
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  • Bayesian Optimization of Hubbard U’s for Investigating InGaN Superlattices (Artikel)
    Maxim N. Popov, Jürgen Spitaler, Lorenz Romaner, Natalia Bedoya-Martínez and René Hammer
    electronic materials (2021)
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  • Synthesis and properties of lead-free BNT-BT-xCZ ceramics as high-temperature dielectrics (Artikel)
    Thomas Schulz, Vignaswaran Veerapandiyan, Marco Deluca, Jörg Töpfer
    Materials Research Bulletin (2021)
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