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  • The Effect of Loading during Martensitic Transformation of a Maraging Steel after Prior Austenite Grain Size Refinement by Thermal Cycling (Artikel)
    M. Petersmann, T. Antretter, A. Sannikov, B. Sartory, and U. Ehlenbröker
    Practical Metallography (2019)
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  • The worm lattice Boltzmann method: the case of diffusive-ballistic phonon transport (Artikel)
    Verena Fritz, Natalia Bedoya-Martínez, René Hammer
    Journal of Computational Physics (2019)
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  • Thermal crack network on CVD TiCN/α-Al2O3 coated cemented carbide cutting tools, (Artikel)
    Martina Gassner, Nina Schalk, Michael Tkadletz, Christoph Czettl, Christian Mitterer
    International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials (2019)
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  • Thermal expansion of magnetron sputtered TiCxN1-x coatings studied by high-temperature X-ray diffraction (Artikel)
    Saringer, Kickinger, Munnik, Mitterer, Schalk, Tkadletz
    Thin Solid Films (2019)
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  • Thermal Investigation of AlGaN-GaN Multilayer Structures (Artikel)
    Lisa Mitterhuber ; René Hammer ; Thomas Dengg ; Katrin Fladischer ; Jürgen Spitaler
    Therminic 2019 (2019)
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  • Thermal stability of nanolamellar fcc-Ti1-xAlxN grown by chemical vapor deposition, (Artikel)
    M. Tkadletz, C. Hofer, C. Wüstefeld, N. Schalk, M. Motylenko, D. Rafaja, H. Holzschuh, W. Bürgin, B. Sartory, C. Mitterer, C. Czettl
    Acta Materialia (2019)
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  • Thermo-physical properties of coatings in the Ti(B,N) system grown by chemical vapor deposition (Artikel)
    Kainz, Schalk, Tkadletz, Saringer, Winkler, Stark, Schell, Julin, Czettl
    Surface & Coatings Technology (2019)
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  • TiC-(Ti,M)C core-rim structures in solid-state manufactured steel-based MMCs (Artikel)
    Josef Pörnbacher, Harald Leitner, Paul Angerer, Tomasz Wojcik, Stefan Marsoner, Gerald Ressel,
    Materials Characterization (2019)
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  • Tomography based simulation of reactive flow at the micro-scale: Particulate filters with wall integrated catalyst (Artikel)
    Robert Greiner, Torben Prill, Oleg Iliev, Barry A.A.L. van Setten, Martin Votsmeier
    Chemical Engineering Journal (2019)
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  • Towards efficient mapping of BNNs onto embedded targets using Tensorflow/XLA (Artikel)
    C. Gratl, M. Mücke, G. Schindler, H. Fröning
    Workshop on Embedded Deep Learning Accelerators (EDLA 2019) (2019)
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  • Transfer Printing Technology as a Straightforward Method to Fabricate Chemical Sensors Based on Tin Dioxide Nanowires (Artikel)
    Florentyna Sosada-Ludwikowska , Robert Wimmer-Teubenbacher , Martin Sagmeister and Anton Köck
    Sensors (2019)
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  • Tribological testing of leather surface coated with sputter-deposited Ti-Ag-O films (Artikel)
    Anna M. Hofer-Roblyek, Marisa Rebelo de Figueiredo, Isabel Carvalho, Sandra Carvalho, Carmen Gaidau, Christian Mitterer, Robert Franz,
    Tribology International (2019)
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  • Understanding phonon properties in isoreticular metal-organic frameworks from first principles (Artikel)
    Tomas Kamencek, Natalia Bedoya-Martínez, Egbert Zojer
    Physical Review Materials (2019)
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  • Unification of the non-linear geometric transformation theory of martensite and crystal plasticity - application to dislocated lath martensite in steels (Artikel)
    M. Petersmann, T. Antretter, G. Cailletaud, A. Sannikov, U. Ehlenbröker, F.D. Fischer
    International Journal of Plasticity (2019)
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  • Aufbau eines parametrierbaren Modells zur Wärmebehandlungssimulation von Verbundwalzen (Artikel)
    M. Aigner , M. Brandner, L. Elizondo , A. Paar, T. Trickl, M. Krobath, P. Prevedel, W. Ecker
    BHM Berg- und Hüttenmännische Monatshefte (2019)
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  • To the design of highly fracture-resistant composites by the application of the yield stress inhomogeneity effect (Artikel)
    Sistaninia, M. and Kasberger, R. and Kolednik, O.
    Composite Structures (2018)
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  • The effect of residual stresses and strain reversal on the fracture toughness of TiAl alloys (Artikel)
    Appel, F. and Paul, D.H.J. and Staron, P. and Oehring, M. and Kolednik, O. and Predan, J. and Fischer F.D.
    Materials Science & Engineering A (2018)
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  • LES-VOF Simulation and POD Analysis of the Gas-Jet Wiping Process in Continuous Galvanizing Lines (Artikel)
    Eßl, W. and Pfeiler, C. and Reiss, G. and Ecker, W. and Riener, C.K. and Angeli, G.
    Steel Research International (2018)
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  • Thermal transient measurement and modelling of a power cycled flip-chip LED module (Artikel)
    Mitterhuber, L. and Defregger, S. and Magnien, J. and Rosc, J. and Hammer, R. and Goullon, L. and Hutter, M. and Schrank, F. and Hörth, S. and Kraker, E.
    Microelectronics Reliability (2018)
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  • Point defects at the Sigma 5(012)[100] grain boundary in TiN and the early stages of Cu diffusion: An ab initio study (Artikel)
    Popov, M. and Bochkarev, A. and Razumovskiy, V.I. and Puschnig, P. and Spitaler, J.
    Acta Materialia (2018)
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