Static Materials Testing

  • Uniaxial tensile test acc. to ÖN EN ISO 6892-1 and ASTM E8
  • Tensile test at elevated temperature (up to 900°C) acc. to ÖN EN ISO 6892-2 and ASTM E21
  • High- and low temperature tensile test (-150°C to 1400°C)
  • 3- and 4-point bending test (also instrumented)
  • Uniaxial compression test and cylinder compression test
  • Compression test at elevated temperature
  • Notched bar impact bending test / impact bending test (-100°C to 500°C) acc. to ÖN EN ISO 148-1

Fracture Mechanical Testing

  • Fracture toughness KIC acc. to ISO 12737/ASTM E 399
  • Fracture mechanical tests acc. to  ISO 12135/ASTM E 1820, J-Integral (JIC and J0,2BL; CTODIC and CTOD0,2BL, Jda-curve and CTODda-curve)

Cyclic Materials Testing

  • Low cycle fatigue tests (uniaxial, torsion, tensile/compression/torsion) on metallic materials up to 1500°C (strain based approaches to total fatigue life, ratchetting, …) in air, inert gas, vacuum
  • S/N tests (tension/compression, bending pulsating test)
  • Dynamic component tests (e.g. fatigue strength of bolts)
  • Special cyclic tests (blocked tests (heating / cooling / superposition with mechanical loading (tension/compression/torsion))