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  • Study of grain boundary self-diffusion in iron with different atomistic models (Artikel)
    Starikov S., Mrovec M., Drautz R.
    Acta Materialia (2020)
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  • Critical evaluation and thermodynamic modeling of the Fe–P and Fe–C–P system (Artikel)
    Bernhard M., Kang Y.-B., Presoly P., Gheribi A.E., Bernhard C.
    Calphad: Computer Coupling of Phase Diagrams and Thermochemistry (2020)
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  • Effect of processing conditions on the structural properties and corrosion behavior of TiO2–SiO2 multilayer coatings derived via the sol-gel method (Artikel)
    Khosravi H S., Veerapandiyan V.K., Vallant R., Reichmann K.
    Ceramics International (2020)
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  • Surface energetics of AlxTi1-xN alloys (Artikel)
    Forslund A., Ruban A.
    Computational Materials Science (2020)
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  • Cycled hydrogen permeation through Armco iron – A joint experimental and modeling approach (Artikel)
    Drexler A., Siegl W., Ecker W., Tkadletz M., Klösch G., Schnideritsch H., Mori G., Svoboda J., Fischer F.D.
    Corrosion Science (2020)
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  • Application of the material inhomogeneity effect for the improvement of fracture toughness of a brittle polymer (Artikel)
    Tiwari A., Wiener J., Arbeiter F., Pinter G., Kolednik O.
    Engineering Fracture Mechanics (2020)
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  • Coupled damage variable based on fracture locus: Modelling and calibration (Artikel)
    Baltic S., Magnien J., Gänser H.-P., Antretter T., Hammer R.
    International Journal of Plasticity (2020)
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  • Uniaxial step loading test setup for determination of creep curves of oxidation-sensitive high strength materials in vacuum under tensile and compressive load (Artikel)
    Maier K., Klünsner T., Krobath M., Tritremmel C., Marsoner S., Czettl C.
    International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials (2020)
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  • Microstructural based hydrogen diffusion and trapping models applied to Fe–C[sbnd]X alloys (Artikel)
    Drexler A., Depover T., Leitner S., Verbeken K., Ecker W.
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds (2020)
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  • Impact of hydrodynamics on growth and morphology of faceted crystals (Artikel)
    Stefan-Kharicha M., Kharicha A., Zaidat K., Reiss G., Eßl W., Goodwin F., Wu M., Ludwig A., Mugrauer C.
    Journal of Crystal Growth (2020)
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  • R-curves determination of ordinary refractory ceramics assisted by digital image correlation method (Artikel)
    Dai Y., Harmuth H., Jin S., Gruber D., Li Y.
    Journal of the European Ceramic Society (2020)
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  • Mechanical properties of zirconia ceramics biomimetically coated with calcium deficient hydroxyapatite (Artikel)
    Macan J., Sikirić M.D., Deluca M., Bermejo R., Baudin C., Plodinec M., Salamon K., Čeh M., Gajović A.
    Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials (2020)
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  • An analytical solution for the correct determination of crack lengths via cantilever stiffness (Artikel)
    Alfreider M., Kolitsch S., Wurster S., Kiener D.
    Materials and Design (2020)
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  • Nanoscale stress distributions and microstructural changes at scratch track cross-sections of a deformed brittle-ductile CrN-Cr bilayer (Artikel)
    Meindlhumer M., Zalesak J., Ecker W., Rosenthal M., Niese S., Gawlitza P., Hruby H., Mitterer C., Daniel R., Keckes J., Todt J.
    Materials and Design (2020)
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  • A new approach to evaluate the elastic modulus of metallic foils (Artikel)
    Trost C.O.W., Wurster S., Freitag C., Steinberger A., Cordill M.J.
    Materials and Design (2020)
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  • Bioinspired toughness improvement through soft interlayers in mineral reinforced polypropylene (Artikel)
    Wiener J., Arbeiter F., Tiwari A., Kolednik O., Pinter G.
    Mechanics of Materials (2020)
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  • Lap shear test for solder materials: Local stress states and their effect on deformation and damage (Artikel)
    Siroky G., Magnien J., Melinc D., Kozeschnik E., Kieslinger D., Kraker E., Ecker W.
    Microelectronics Reliability (2020)
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  • On the hydrogen embrittlement behavior of nickel-based alloys: Alloys 718 and 725 (Artikel)
    Lu X., Ma Y., Wang D.
    Materials Science and Engineering A (2020)
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  • Hydrogen-enhanced intergranular failure of sulfur-doped nickel grain boundary: In situ electrochemical micro-cantilever bending vs. DFT (Artikel)
    Hajilou T., Taji I., Christien F., He S., Scheiber D., Ecker W., Pippan R., Razumovskiy V.I., Barnoush A.
    Materials Science and Engineering A (2020)
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  • Influence of spinodal decomposition and fcc→w phase transformation on global and local mechanical properties of nanolamellar CVD fcc-Ti1-xAlxN coatings (Artikel)
    Tkadletz M., Lechner A., Schalk N., Sartory B., Stark A., Schell N., Saringer C., Mitterer C., Czettl C.
    Materialia (2020)
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