"Step by step to perfection."

The MCL has an extensive range of methods and wide-reaching knowledge of process technology in the manufacture of electronic components. We offer two different approaches to provide our partners and clients with the best possible assistance:

First, we support industrial processes by determining the stresses to which materials and components are exposed during manufacturing. This includes, for example, examining the development of internal stresses and how they are related to the design of the component using complex process simulations.

Second, for joint process and material developments, the MCL has access to a process chain for developing gas sensors on Si-chips at its site in Leoben and at a cooperative site in Vienna. Here the focus is on innovative materials for sensor technology and sensor manufacturing using CMOS-compatible technologies.

Supporting technologies:

Packaging and embedding | Bonding | Through-silicon vias | Process modeling of mechanical and thermal loads for design optimisation

Technologies on site:

Spray pyrolysis | Process chain for thin-film and nanowire gas sensors on 8 inch wafers | Structuring