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  • Stress relaxation through thermal crack formation in CVD TiCN coatings grown on WC-Co with different Co contents (Artikel)
    Stylianou, Velic, Daves, Ecker, Stark, Schell, Tkadletz, Schalk, Czettl, Mitterer
    International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials (2020)
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  • Study on Ca Segregation towards an Epitaxial Interface between Bismuth Ferrite and Strontium Titanate (Artikel)
    Ulrich Haselmann, Georg Haberfehlner, Weijie Pei, Maxim Popov, Lorenz Romaner, Daniel Knez, Jian Chen, Arsham Ghasemi, Yunbin He, Gerald Kothleitner, Zaoli Zhang
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2020)
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  • Morphology of Fe2Al5 particles and the interface to WC coating in the context of hot-dip galvanizing: An ab initio study (Artikel)
    Daniel Scheiber, Werner Eßl, Johann Strutzenberger, Frank Goodwin, Jürgen Spitaler, Georg Reiss
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds (2020)
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  • Influence of WC-Co hard metal microstructure on defect density, initiation and propagation kinetics of fatigue cracks starting at intrinsic and artificial defects under a negative stress ratio (Artikel)
    T. Klünsner, T. Lube, C. Gettinger, L. Walch, R. Pippan
    Acta Materialia (2020)
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  • Fatigue crack threshold analysis of TiAl SENT and CC specimens – Influence of starter notch and precracking (Artikel)
    S. Eck, J. Maierhofer, C. Tritremmel, H.-P. Gaenser, S. Marsoner, N. Martin, R. Pippan
    Intermetallics (2020)
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  • A Posteriori Reconstruction of the Temperature Distribution in Surface Hardened Tempering Steel (Artikel)
    Daniel G. Mevec, Peter Raninger, Petri Prevedel, Vince Jászfi
    Scientific Reports (2020)
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  • Thermal Management of Chip-on-Board LED Systems and Their Aging Response to Cyclic Power (Artikel)
    Mitterhuber Lisa, Magnien Julien, Kraker Elke
    Electronics Cooling (2020)
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  • The influence of alloying on Zn liquid metal embrittlement in steels (Artikel)
    D.Scheiber, K.Prabitz, L.Romaner, W.Ecker
    Acta Materialia (2020)
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  • Temperature dependence of surface and grain boundary energies from first principles (Artikel)
    Daniel Scheiber, Oliver Renk, Maxim Popov, and Lorenz Romaner
    Phys. Rev. B (2020)
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  • Hydrogen Trapping in bcc Iron (Artikel)
    Anastasiia S. Kholtobina, Reinhard Pippan, Lorenz Romaner, Daniel Scheiber, Werner Ecker, Vsevolod I. Razumovskiy
    Materials (2020)
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  • Temperature-dependent properties of ferroelectric ceramics via Raman scattering measurements (Artikel)
    Vignaswaran K. Veerapandiyan, Marco Deluca
    Linkam (Online) (2020)
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  • B-site vacancy induced Raman scattering in BaTiO3-based ferroelectric ceramics (Artikel)
    Veerapandiyan, Vignaswaran K., Khosravi Saman, Canu Giovanna, Feteira Antonio, Buscaglia Vincenzo, Reichmann Klaus, Deluca Marco
    Journal of the European Ceramic Society (2020)
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  • Ceramic processing and multiferroic properties of the perovskite YMnO3-BiFeO3 binary system (Artikel)
    Quintana-Cilleruelo, Jose A., Casto Alicia, Amorin Harvey, Veerapandiyan, Vignaswaran K., Deluca Marco, Pena Octavio, Alguero Miguel
    Journal of the American Ceramic Society (2020)
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  • Dielectric and structural studies of ferroelectric phase evolution in dipole-pair substituted barium titanate ceramics (Artikel)
    Veerapandiyan, Vignaswaran K., Deluca Marco, Misture Scott T., Schulze Walter, Pilgrim Steven M., Tidrow Steven C.
    Journal of the American Ceramic Society (2020)
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  • Multi-scale quantification and modeling of aged nanostructured silicon-based composite anodes (Artikel)
    T. Vorauer, P. Kumar, C.L. Berhaut, F.F. Chamasemani, P.H. Jouneau, D. Aradilla, S. Tardif, S. Pouget, B. Fuchslbichler, L. Helfen, S. Atalay, W.D. Widanage, S. Koller, S. Lyonnard, R. Brunner
    Communications Chemistry (2020)
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  • Heterogeneity of the osteocyte lacuno-canalicular network architecture and material characteristics across different tissue types in healing bone (Artikel)
    V. Schemenz, A. Gjardy F.F. Chamasemani, A. Roschger, P. Roschger, P. Zaslansky, L. Helfen, M. Burghammer, P. Fratzl, R. Weinkamer, R. Brunner, B.M. Willie, W. Wagermaier
    Journal of Structural Biology (2020)
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  • Modeling of Ladle Refining Process Considering Mixing and Chemical Reaction (Artikel)
    You D., Michelic S.K., Bernhard C.
    Steel Research International (2020)
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  • Simulation of Carbo-Nitride Precipitation in the Multi-Phase Microstructure of Micro-Alloyed Transformation-Induced Plasticity Steel (Artikel)
    Retzl P., Mayer W., Krizan D., Kozeschnik E.
    Steel Research International (2020)
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  • Mission Data Processor Aboard the BepiColombo Mio Spacecraft: Design and Scientific Operation Concept (Artikel)
    Kasaba Y., Takashima T., Matsuda S., Eguchi S., Endo M., Miyabara T., Taeda M., Kuroda Y., Kasahara Y., Imachi T., Kojima H., Yagitani S., Moncuquet M., Wahlund J.-E., Kumamoto A., Matsuoka A., Baumjohann W., Yokota S., Asamura K., Saito Y., Delcourt D., Hirahara M., Barabash S., Andre N., Kobayashi M., Yoshikawa I., Murakami G., Hayakawa H.
    Space Science Reviews (2020)
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  • A Modified Electrochemical Nanoindentation Setup for Probing Hydrogen-Material Interaction Demonstrated on a Nickel-Based Alloy (Artikel)
    Ebner A.S., Brinckmann S., Plesiutschnig E., Clemens H., Pippan R., Maier-Kiener V.
    JOM (2020)
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