"Preconditions for reliability."

The MCL offers a variety of testing methods to determine the durability of electronic components. The focus lies on identifying the thermal, electrical and mechanical properties of components and their constituent materials. With the aid of advanced numerical analysis, we close the circle between function assessment, reliability assessment, and predictive reliability analysis. These findings form the basis for designing new and reliable products.

Key Topics

3D-integrated components and systems | Thermal assessment of packages | Nanosensor development

Test Methods

Thermomechanical tests | Electronic tests | Combined mechanical, thermal and electrical test methods | Determination of residual stress within the package using XRD

Analytical Methods

Non-destructive characterisation using computed tomography and acoustic microscopy | Destructive characterisation using target preparation, optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy with focused ion beam-technology, electron backscatter diffraction | Material characterisation using indentation methods and scanning force microscopy | Material characterisation using microdynamicmechanical analysis | Sensor test bed

Simulation Services

Material modelling – development of material models | Modelling of mechanical and thermomechanical loading | Interfaces | Modelling of crack formation and growth | Design optimisation in terms of thermal management and stress