Generally, the microstructure of metals significantly influences their mechanical properties. Therefore, the analysis of the microstructure is regarded as fundamental for the improvement of these properties.

In current projects for example, the inital stages of carbide formation during tempering and the influences of heat treatment process control and mechanical deformation on precipitates, bainite and martensite formation as well as stress evolution within the microstructure are investigated.

For the selective analysis of the usually nm-sized microstructural constituents, MCL cooperates with scientific partners, e.g. with the Erich-Schmid Institute of Materials Science or the Department of Physical Metallurgy and Materials Testing to perform transmission electron microscopy and atom probe investigations.

In order to predict microstructural processes, experimental results of the microstructure investigations are also provided for the further development of the thermodynamic/thermokinetic simulation software MatCalc. The software development is carried out in cooperation with the Institute of Materials Science and Technology at the Technical University of Vienna.