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  • Electrochemical and microstructural characterization of the high-entropy perovskite La0.2Pr0.2Nd0.2Sm0.2Sr0.2CoO3-δ for solid oxide cell air electrodes (Artikel)
    Patrick Pretschuh, Andreas Egger, Roland Brunner, Edith Bucher
    Fuel Cells (2023)
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  • Morphology-controlled atmospheric pressure plasma synthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticles for piezoelectric sensors (Artikel)
    A. M. Schwan, S. Chwatal, C. Hendler, D. Kopp, J. M. Lackner, R. Kaindl, M. Tscherner, M. Zirkl, P. Angerer, B. Friessnegger, S. Augl, D. Heim, A. Hinterer, M. Stummer & W. Waldhauser
    Applied Nanoscience (2023)
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  • Dissolution of Magnesia in Silicate Melts and Diffusivity Determination from CLSM Studies (Artikel)
    Burhanuddin, Harald Harmuth
    Applied Sciences (2023)
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  • Cyclic Hardening and Fatigue Damage Features of 51CrV4 Steel for the Crossing Nose Design (Artikel)
    Vitor Gomes, Sven Eck, Abilio De Jesus
    Applied Sciences (2023)
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  • Material Data Identification in an Induction Hardening Test Rig with Physics-Informed Neural Networks (Artikel)
    Mohammad Zhian Asadzadeh, Klaus Roppert Peter Raninger
    Materials (2023)
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  • Numerical Analysis of Convective Mass Transfer during Multi-Droplet Impingement on a structured Surface in the Presence of an Adhered Liquid Film—An Application to Spray Etching of PCBs (Artikel)
    Werner Eßl, Georg Reiss, Peter Raninger, Werner Ecker, Nadine Körbler, Eva Gerold, Helmut Antrekowitsch, Jolanta Klocek, and Thomas Krivec
    Fluids (2023)
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  • Machine learning mechanical properties of steel sheets from an industrial production route (Artikel)
    Gerfried Millner, Manfred Mücke, Lorenz Romaner, Daniel Scheiber
    Materialia (2023)
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  • Analysis of local vs. macroscopic properties of porous BaTiO3 ceramics based on 3D reconstructed ceramic microstructures, (Artikel)
    Leontin Padurariu, Fereshteh Falah Chamasemani, Roland Brunner, Lavinia Petronela Curecheriu, Vlad Alexandru Lukacs, Radu Stefan Stirbu, Cristina Elena Ciomaga, Liliana Mitoseriu
    Acta Materialia (2023)
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  • An end-to-end convolutional neural network for automated failure localisation and characterisation of 3D interconnects (Artikel)
    Priya Paulachan, Jörg Siegert, Ingo Wiesler, Roland Brunner
    Scientific Reports (2023)
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  • Impact of solid-electrolyte interphase reformation on capacity loss in silicon-based lithium-ion batteries (Artikel)
    T. Vorauer, J. Schöggl, S. G. Sanadhya, M. Poluektov, W. D. Widanage, L. Figiel , S. Schädler, B. Tordoff , B. Fuchsbichler , S. Koller, R. Brunner
    Communications Materials (2023)
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  • Atomistically informed phase field study of austenite grain growth (Artikel)
    Ayush Suhane, Daniel Scheiber, Vsevolod I. Razumovskiy, Matthias Militzer
    Computational Materials Science (2023)
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  • Experimental and Numerical Visualisation of Subsurface Rail Deformation in a Full-Scale Wheel–Rail Test Rig (Artikel)
    Gschwandl, T.J.; Weniger, T.M.; Antretter, T.; Künstner, D.; Scheriau, S.; Daves, W.
    Metals (2023)
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  • Influence of the aspect ratio of the micro-cantilever on the determined Young’s modulus using the Euler-Bernoulli equation (Artikel)
    Fabian Konstantiniuk, Martin Krobath, Werner Ecker, Christoph Czettl, Nina Schalk, Michael Tkadletz
    Materials Today Communications (2023)
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  • Creep strain recovery of an in situ spinel-forming refractory castable under loading/unloading compressive creep conditions (Artikel)
    Behnam Akbari, Dietmar Gruber, Shengli Jin, Harald Harmuth
    Ceramics International (2023)
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  • Nanostructured Thermoelectric Films Synthesised by Spark Ablation and Their Oxidation Behaviour (Artikel)
    Hendrik Joost van Ginkel, Lisa Mitterhuber, Marijn Willem van de Putte, Mark Huijben, Sten Vollebregt, Guoqi Zhang
    Nanomaterials (2023)
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  • Hidden phases in homovalent and heterovalent substituted BaTiO3 (Artikel)
    Florian Mayer, Marco Deluca, Maxim N. Popov
    Phys. Rev. B (2023)
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  • Strong impact of spin fluctuations on the antiphase boundaries of weak itinerant ferromagnetic Ni3Al (Artikel)
    Xiang Xu, Xi Zhang, Andrei Ruban, Siegfried Schmauder, Blazej Grabowski
    Acta Materialia (2023)
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  • A note on maxima and minima of dissipation in context of treatment of irreversible thermodynamic systems by application of Extremal Principles (Artikel)
    J. Svoboda, K. Hackl, F.D. Fischer
    Scripta Materialia (2023)
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  • High-Temperature Oxidation of Steel under Linear Flow Rates of Air and Water Vapor—An Experimental Determined Set of Data (Artikel)
    Gaiser, Georg, Peter Presoly, and Christian Bernhard
    Metals (2023)
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  • Analysis of Recrystallization Kinetics Concerning the Experimental, Computational, and Empirical Evaluation of Critical Temperatures for Static Recrystallization in Nb, Ti, and V Microalloyed Steels (Artikel)
    Evelyn Sobotka, Johannes Kreyca, Robert Kahlenberg, Aurélie Jacob, Ernst Kozeschnik, and Erwin Povoden-Karadeniz
    Metals (2023)
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