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  • Microstructural Impact on Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior of Alloy 718 (Artikel)
    Gruber C., Raninger P., Maierhofer J., Gänser H.-P., Stanojevic A., Hohenwarter A., Pippan R.
    Metals (2022)
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  • Tuning mechanical properties of ultrafine-grained tungsten by manipulating grain boundary chemistry (Artikel)
    Wurmshuber M., Jakob S., Doppermann S., Wurster S., Bodlos R., Romaner L., Maier-Kiener V., Kiener D.
    Acta Materialia (2022)
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  • Redeposition layer formation caused by shading effect during sputter cleaning and associated damage on rake face of TiN coated high-speed steel drills (Artikel)
    Kampichler J., Zhang Z.L., Klünsner T., Sartory B., Wosik J., Nahif F.
    Surface and Coatings Technology (2022)
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  • The segregation of transition metals to iron grain boundaries and their effects on cohesion (Artikel)
    Mai H.L., Cui X.-Y., Scheiber D., Romaner L., Ringer S.P.
    Acta Materialia (2022)
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  • Fatigue crack growth of deformed pearlitic rail steels under multiaxial loading (Artikel)
    Georg Schnalzger, Jürgen Maierhofer, Werner Daves, Reinhard Pippan, Anton Hohenwarter
    Procedia Structural Integrity (2022)
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  • Differences in evolution of temperature, plastic deformation and wear in milling tools when up-milling and down-milling Ti6Al4V (Artikel)
    Kaltenbrunner T., Krückl H.P., Schnalzger G., Klünsner T., Teppernegg T., Czettl C., Ecker W.
    Journal of Manufacturing Processes (2022)
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  • Thermodynamics of Vacancy Formation in the CoCrFeMnNi High Entropy Alloy from DFT Calculations (Artikel)
    Vsevolod I Razumovskiy, Daniel Scheiber, Oleg Peil, Andreas Stark, Michael Mayer and Gerald Ressel
    Aspects in Mining & Mineral Science (2022)
  • Solubility and segregation of B in paramagnetic fcc Fe (Artikel)
    He S., Scheiber D., Jechtl T., Moitzi F., Peil O., Romaner L., Zamberger S., Povoden-Karadeniz E., Razumovskiy V., Ruban A.V.
    Physical Review Materials (2022)
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  • Understanding and controlling inversion boundaries in ZnO (Artikel)
    Scheiber D., Popov M.N., Supancic P., Spitaler J.
    Acta Materialia (2022)
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  • Prospects of enhancing the understanding of material-hydrogen interaction by novel in-situ and in-operando methods (Artikel)
    Massone A., Kiener D.
    International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (2022)
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  • Exploring stability of a nanoscale complex solid solution thin film by in situ heating transmission electron microscopy (Artikel)
    Manjón A.G., Zhang S., Völker B., Meischein M., Ludwig A., Scheu C.
    MRS Bulletin (2022)
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  • Structural vacancies in (Ti,Al)N: An ab initio study (Artikel)
    Forslund A., Ruban A.V.
    Physical Review Materials (2022)
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  • Stability and ordering of bcc and hcp TiAl+Mo phases: An ab initio study (Artikel)
    Dehghani M., Ruban A.V., Abdoshahi N., Holec D., Spitaler J.
    Computational Materials Science (2022)
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  • Influence of B content on microstructure, phase composition and mechanical properties of CVD Ti(B,N) coatings (Artikel)
    Tkadletz M., Schalk N., Lechner A., Hatzenbichler L., Holec D., Hofer C., Deluca M., Sartory B., Lyapin A., Julin J., Czettl C.
    Materialia (2022)
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  • Raman Spectroscopy as a Key Method to Distinguish the Ferroelectric Orthorhombic Phase in Thin ZrO2-Based Films (Artikel)
    Materano M., Reinig P., Kersch A., Popov M., Deluca M., Mikolajick T., Boettger U., Schroeder U.
    Physica Status Solidi - Rapid Research Letters (2022)
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  • Efficient preparation of microtip arrays for atom probe tomography using fs-laser processing (Artikel)
    Michael Tkadletz, Helene Waldl, Maximilian Schiester, Alexandra Lechner, Georg Schusser, Michael Krause, Nina Schalk
    Ultramicroscopy (2022)
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  • Finite-temperature investigation of homovalent and heterovalent substituted BaTiO3 from first principle (Artikel)
    Florian Mayer, Maxim N. Popov, Petr Ondrejkovic, Jiri Hlinka, Jürgen Spitaler, and Marco Deluca
    Phys Rev. B (2022)
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  • Simplified Damage Assessment Tool for Rails and Crossings Based on Standard Wear and RCF Models (Artikel)
    Georg Schnalzger, Werner Daves, Jürgen Maierhofer, Uwe Ossberger, Heinz Ossberger, Christian Bucher, Martin Pletz
    Metals (2022)
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  • Quantification of Magnesia Dissolution in Silicate Melts and Diffusivity Determination Using Rotating Finger Test (Artikel)
    Burhanuddin; Harmuth, H.; Vollmann, S.
    Applied Sciences (2022)
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  • The effect of longitudinal spin-fluctuations on high temperature properties of Co3Mn2Ge (Artikel)
    Erna K. Delczeg-Czirjak, Olle Eriksson, A.V. Ruban
    Scripta Materialia (2022)
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