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  • A new device for high-temperature in situ GISAXS measurements (Artikel)
    Gerhard Fritz-Popovski, Sabine C. Bodner, Florentyna Sosada-Ludwikowska, Günther A. Maier, Roland Morak, Livia Chitu, Lutz Bruegemann, Joachim Lange, Hans-Georg Krane and Oskar Paris
    Review of Scientific Instruments (2018)
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  • Advanced measures to characterize mechanical properties of Refractories (Artikel)
    Jin S., Harmuth H., Gruber D., Sidi Mammar A.
    China’s refractories (2018)
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  • Advanced creep testing of refractories providing new insight into material behavior (Artikel)
    Jin S., Harmuth H., Gruber D. , Schachner S., Meunier P., Techer R.
    Refractories Worldforum (2018)
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  • Parameter driven monitoring for a flip-chip LED module under power cycling condition (Artikel)
    J. Magnien, L. Mitterhuber, J. Rosc, F. Schrank, S. Hörth, M. Hutter, S. Defregger, E. Kraker
    Microelectronics Reliability (2018)
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  • Induction Thermography for Surface Crack Detection and Depth Determination (Artikel)
    Oswald-Tranta, B.
    Applied Sciences (2018)
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  • Modern Methods for the Microscopic Characterization of ZnO Varistor Grain Boudaries (Artikel)
    Raidl N, Sartory B, Supancic P, Danzer R.
    Practical Metallography (2018)
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  • Configurational thermodynamics of C in body-centered cubic/tetragonal Fe: A combined computational study (Artikel)
    J.-Y. Yan and A. Ruban
    Computational Materials Science (2018)
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  • Influence of accounting for translational motion of grains on grain growth kinetics and size distribution (Artikel)
    J. Svoboda, F.D. Fischer
    Scripta Materialia (2018)
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  • Elastic stress–strain analysis of an infinite cylindrical inclusion with eigenstrain (Artikel)
    J. Svoboda, G. A. Zickler, F. D. Fischer
    Arch Appl Mech (2018)
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  • An innovative concept for interstitial diffusion in stressed crystals (Artikel)
    J. Svoboda, G. A. Zickler, F. D. Fischer
    Int J Solids Struct (2018)
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  • Dependence of fracture strain on flaw size in rail switches - Experiments and theoretical modelling (Artikel)
    Stefan Kolitsch, Hans-Peter Gänser, Reinhard Pippan
    Engineering Failure Analysis (2018)
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  • Experimental and numerical investigations of the gamma '' and gamma ' precipitation kinetics in Alloy 718 (Artikel)
    A. Drexler, B. Oberwinkler, S. Primig, C. Turk, E. Povoden-Karadeniz, A. Heinemann, W. Ecker, M. Stockinger
    Materials Science and Engineering A (2018)
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  • In-situ crack propagation measurement of high-strength steels including overload effects (Artikel)
    David Simunek, Martin Leitner, Florian Grün
    Procedia Engineering (2018)
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  • Remarkable impact of low BiYbO3 doping levels on the local structure and phase transitions of BaTiO3 (Artikel)
    Deluca, M. and Al-Jlaihawi, Z. G. and Reichmann, K. and Bell, A.N.T. and Feteira, A.
    Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2018)
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  • Kinetics of grain boundary segregation in multicomponent systems - The example of a Mo-C-B-O system (Artikel)
    D. Scheiber, L. Romaner, F.D. Fischer, J. Svoboda
    Scripta Materialia (2018)
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  • In-situ elastic-plastic fracture mechanics on the microscale by means of continuous dynamical testing (Artikel)
    M. Alfreider, D. Kozic, O. Kolednik, D. Kiener
    Materials & Design (2018)
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  • Structure-property correlations and origin of relaxor behaviour in BaCexTi(1-x)O(3) (Artikel)
    Giovanna Canu, Giorgia Confalonieri, Marco Deluca, Lavinia Curecheriu, Maria Teresa Buscaglia, Mihai Asandulesa, Nadejda Horchidan, Monica Dapiaggi, Liliana Mitoseriu, Vincenzo Buscaglia
    Acta Materialia (2018)
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  • Prediction of porosity characteristics of aluminium castings based on X-ray CT measurements (Artikel)
    Christian Garb, Martin Leitner, Markus Tauscher, Moritz Weidt and Roland Brunner
    International Journal of Cast Metals Research (2018)
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  • Cu-SiO2 hybrid bonding simulation including surface roughness and viscoplastic material modeling: A critical comparison of 2D and 3D modeling approach (Artikel)
    Thomas Wlanis, René Hammer, Werner Ecker, Sandrine Lhostis, Clément Sart, Sébastien Gallois-Garreignot, Bernhard Rebhan, Günther A. Maier
    Microelectronics Reliability (2018)
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  • Impact of thermal atomic displacements on the Curie temperature of 3d transition metals (Artikel)
    A. V. Ruban and O. E. Peil
    Physical Review B (2018)
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