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  • Assessment of methods for calculating contact pressure in wheel-rail/switch contact (Artikel)
    Wiest, M. and Kassa, E. and Daves, W. and Nielsen, J.C.O. and Ossberger, H.
    Wear (2008)
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  • Tensile behaviour of micro-sized copper wires studied using a novel fibre tensile module (Artikel)
    Yang, B. and Motz, C. and Grosinger, W. and Kammrath, W. and Dehm, G.
    International Journal of Materials Research (2008)
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  • Strain effects on the coarsening and softening of electrodeposited nanocrystalline Ni subjected to high pressure torsion (Artikel)
    Yang, B. and Vehoff, H. and Hohenwarter, A. and Hafok, M. and Pippan, R.
    Scripta Materialia (2008)
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  • A combined cluster dynamics/kinetic Monte Carlo model for precipitate nucleation in interstitial/substitutional alloys (Artikel)
    Zenisek, J. and Svoboda, J. and Kozeschnik, E. and Fischer, F.D.
    Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering (2008)
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  • Prediction of the fracture toughness of a ceramic multilayer composite - Modeling and experiments (Artikel)
    Chen, C.R. and Pascual, J. and Fischer, F.D. and Kolednik, O. and Danzer, R.
    Acta Materialia (2007)
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  • The ball on three balls test - Strength and failure analysis of different materials (Artikel)
    Danzer, R. and Harrer, W. and Supancic, P. and Lube, T. and Wang, Z. and Börger, A.
    Journal of the European Ceramic Society (2007)
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  • Calibration and validation of an elasto-viscoplastic material model for a hot work tool steel used in pressure casting dies (Artikel)
    Ecker, W. and Antretter, T. and Ebner, R.
    Key Engineering Materials (2007)
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  • Fracture toughness investigations of tungsten alloys and SPD tungsten alloys (Artikel)
    Faleschini, M. and Kreuzer, H. and Kiener, D. and Pippan, R.
    Journal of Nuclear Materials (2007)
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  • Application of material forces to fracture of inhomogeneous materials: Illustrative examples (Artikel)
    Fischer, F.D. and Predan, J. and Kolednik, O. and Simha, N.K.
    Archive of Applied Mechanics (2007)
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  • A note on the principle of maximum dissipation rate (Artikel)
    Fischer, F.D. and Svoboda, J.
    Journal of Applied Mechanics (2007)
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  • Hindered crack propagation in materials with periodically varying young's modulus - Lessons from biological materials (Artikel)
    Fratzl, P. and Gupta, H.S. and Fischer, F.D. and Kolednik, O.
    Advanced Materials Research (2007)
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  • Kinetics of the austenite-to-ferrite phase transformation - From the intrinsic to an effective interface mobility (Artikel)
    Gamsjäger, E.
    Materials Science Forum (2007)
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  • A note on the contact conditions at migrating interfaces (Artikel)
    Gamsjäger, E.
    Acta Materialia (2007)
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  • Kinetics of solute driven melting and solidification (Artikel)
    Gamsjäger, E. and Svoboda, J. and Fischer, F.D. and Rettenmayr, M.
    Acta Materialia (2007)
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  • Thermal stability of nanocomposite CrC/a-C:H thin films (Artikel)
    Gassner, G. and Mayrhofer, P.H. and Patscheider, J. and Mitterer, C.
    Thin Solid Films (2007)
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  • Tribological properties of nanocomposite CrCx/a-C:H thin films (Artikel)
    Gassner, G. and Patscheider, J. and Mayrhofer, P.H. and Sturm, S. and Scheu, C. and Mitterer, C.
    Tribology Letters (2007)
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  • Thermal diffusivity of the aluminum alloy Al-17Si-4Cu (A390) in the solid and liquid states (Artikel)
    Kaschnitz, E. and Ebner, R.
    International Journal of Thermophysics (2007)
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  • FIB damage of Cu and possible consequences for miniaturized mechanical tests (Artikel)
    Kiener, D. and Motz, C. and Rester, M. and Jenko, M. and Dehm, G.
    Materials Science and Engineering: A (2007)
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  • Influence of external and internal length scale on the flow stress of copper (Artikel)
    Kiener, D. and Rester, M. and Scheriau, S. and Yang, B. and Pippan, R. and Dehm, G.
    International Journal of Materials Research (2007)
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  • On the potential for improving equilibrium thermodynamic databases with kinetic simulations (Artikel)
    Kozeschnik, E. and Holzer, I. and Sonderegger, B.
    Journal of Phase Equilibria and Diffusion (2007)
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